Earn by Refer People

SMS Affiliate Service

SMS Affiliate Service

Join Seo Manual Submission's Affiliate program and earn for each referred traffics, if any one register from your referal and if any one from your referal buy our services lifetime.

As we mention in above paragraph that we give comission for lifetime means if any referal register with us and buy our services on regular basis then you will get percentage of of total amount for each purchase lifetime.

How to earn with Seo Manual Submission?

By Refer Traffics to Seo Manual Submission: You can earn by divert traffics to our site. If you are any blogger or webmasters then can put our affiliate url to your blog or article or banner to divert traffics and we will pay for each referred traffics. There are some important things you should know as below

  • Unique Visitors: We count always unique visitors as referral. If you are clicking same link again and again then its count as one. After 24 hours clikc from same IP will count as unique visitors again.

  • Genuine Website: Try always to put our website link to genuine website or traffics promotional website like quora, facebook, linkedin, twitter etc. to get quick and big earning with our referral or affiliate programs.

  • Avoid Spam or Restricted Niche Website: We hate spam and so we do not recommend to put any banner or text link to website full with spam or adult or pornography website or bad neighbourhood websites or any other restricted niche website. Our program track each referral links so if we found any suspected activity, account can be suspended without any perior notification.

Registration at Seo Manual Submission: If your referred users register at our site then you will get paid for this. We paid only for verified users, for example if anyone register at our site but did not confirm email then our program will not pay for that user and its count as referral traffics only.

Buy Services Packages: If your referred users register and buy any of our services packages then you will get percentage of total purchase. You can see all details in your account.

Invite Friends or Clients: If you know any one who is interested in SEO or Link building services or want to learn SEO from our SEO Tutorial page or looking free websites lists for submission then can invite them by email. After login at our site you will see Invite option and from there you can invite friends or clients to join Seo Manual Submission. You will get paid for each registration and comission for each purchase from Seo Manual Submission.

How can i see our referral or affiliate activities?

You can see all activities in My Account section. You can see there all details that how many users came to Seo Manual Submission from your affiliate url, how many user registered from your referral traffics and how much you earned as percentage of puchase our services by referred users.

How to join Affiliate Programs of Seo Manual Submission?

Its very simple. Just register with us from Login or Register page. Confirm your email address to get a verified account. After successfull verification you can login and in MY Account select Affiliate account from user menu (right side in desktop, below in responsive mode). You can see there your affiliate URL and affiliate ID with instructions that how can you use it.

How much we paid for Affiliate Marketings?

We pay as below

For Each Referral Traffics: We pay $0.01 for each referral traffics. There is not limiation of referral traffics. You can send as much as possible you can and earn for your referral.

For Each Registration: If any of your referred users register and verified his email then we will pay you $0.50.

On Purchase of Services: If any registered users from your referred traffics buy our services packages then we will give you 10% of total amount life time. Lifetime means we will not pay single times, we will pay 10% for his each purchase lifetime. You can track all things from your account and in case of any doubt or question feel free to contact us any time.

So Register Today for Our Affiliate Marketing and Start Earning.

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