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No person wants to be sold. All of us collectively tune out advertisements, fast forward commercials and give a vacant look during sales pitches. As well, the demand for ARTICLES or CONTENTS is higher than ever before - which is not our judgment at SEO Manual Submission, really proven in study, after study, after study. Modern-day buyers are very well on their way to making a selection decision before they speak to a company - and that's where content marketing comes in.

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Best Content Marketing & Promotion Services Ever

Specifically what is Content Marketing Service?

Content marketing is the process of tactically positioning highly engaging your business related content in several platforms and promoting it strategically using approved search results friendly process to be able to get and retain customers' attention for long enough so that they make a favorable buying decision for the brand under question. Content material marketing has gained special significance after Google Farmer / Penguin updates wherein good quality content is rewarded with good search engine ranking.

If you wish to impress your customers online, then one of the better ways to go regarding it is to use well planned content marketing service. Before customers make their decision to acquire, they go through plenty details online; they are attacked with data from various angles and at various levels. Customers mentally process all the information, think about the benefits associated with choosing a business and finally make their decision.

If you want your targeted audience to produce a purchase decision that is your favor, then they must have access to powerful information with regards to your business. A company that has skimpy product or service information online often do not be successful. At the same time, a brand that has plenty of substandard content about the brand too do not succeed. It is merely companies that contain a sizable amount of good quality content supporting their business online enjoy steady success.

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Best Content Marketing Service Packages

SEO Manual Submission is offering four types of Best Content Marketing and Promotion Service Plans according to number of keywords for very reasonable price. Choose one of below Content Marketing and Promotion Service Plans according to your need for higher search engine ranking.

Bronze Content Marketing Plan

  • 5

  • 3 Content
  • 3 Content
  • 3 Content
  • 3 Content
  • 3 Content


  • 200

  • 30 Days


Silver Content Marketing Plan

  • 10

  • 6 Content
  • 6 Content
  • 6 Content
  • 6 Content
  • 6 Content


  • 300

  • 45 Days


Gold Content Marketing Plan

  • 15

  • 10 Content
  • 10 Content
  • 10 Content
  • 10 Content
  • 10 Content


  • 500

  • 60 Days


Diamond Content Marketing Plan

  • 20+

  • 15 Content
  • 15 Content
  • 15 Content
  • 15 Content
  • 15 Content


  • 750

  • 75 Days


How Content Marketing Service Helps to Get High Ranking

"Content Isn't King. It's The Kingdome." - Lee Odden
60% of B2B decision makers say branded content helps them make better purchase decisions.
61% of consumers are more likely to obtain companies offering custom content.

Successful content marketing is communicating the right communication at the right time to your clients. The strategy starts with defining buyer personas and identifying questions they ask throughout their buying process. Then marketers, creatives and business stakeholders can decide which content types - at what frequency - are best suited to answer these questions. Weekly blogs? A quarterly infographic? Perhaps a monthly video tutorial.

When these elements have recently been defined and documented, you have foundation of your strategy. At SEO Manual Submission, we call it an impressive Brief.

Whatever the content mix, whenever a buyer visits your site, this individual should find something fresh, relevant and timely to greet him. Brands that educate prospects - better than someone else - earn trust and trustworthiness. An entertaining learning experience brings people back to your articles and company, so when they're ready to buy, it's with you. That's the ultimate goal of any successful content strategy.

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In Search Engine Optimization - SEO

Found in today's search space, content marketing is search engine optimization - just ask Google. Content is cached, ranked and delivered after scrutiny from Penguin, Farmer and Hummingbird. At SEO Manual Submission, we aim to please your users - who are harsher critics than the algorithms. Plus, the more automobile click to your content, a lot more you influence their personal search results, bringing you one step closer to being successful more customer

Social Media Optimization - SOCIAL PRESS

People expect social changes faster than the speed of Twitter feeds. A content archive and a steady editorial voice helps you jump out as the (teacher? friend? icon? ) customers want to follow online and off. 72% of marketers agree: Updated cultural pages help influence offers. Your content marketing plan should put your words and images to work across social channels for each and every possibility to drive impact.

Email Marketing - EMAIL

Newsletters and nurture advertisments, no problem. A sound content marketing foundation involves the blogs, vlogs and eBooks that become resources for ongoing email strategies. By matching send portions to personas targeted somewhere else around the web, you have chance to more closely align your work and make the most of content marketing. Lessen, reuse, recycle - otherwise known as repurpose your content - for ROI.

How to Choose Perfect & Best Content Marketing Service

Know how and why choose SEO Manual Submission's Best Content Marketing Service to get high search engine ranking online.

Why Do You Need Content Marketing?

Purchasers are self-coordinated and content can fulfill their mission for answers and empower you to direct them to answers for their business issues. The group at SEO Manual Submission are specialists in offering organizations like yours some assistance with determining how to take your crowd from prospects to purchasers.

In what manner Can Content Marketing Help You Get More Customers?

Content marketing makes signals over the web that manufacture believability and power with your gathering of people. Notwithstanding the numerous SEO advantages of content marketing, it can be utilized as a way to associate on a level with your clients that other advanced marketing can't.

What is Your Content Marketing Maturity Level?

It doesn't make a difference in case you're new to content marketing, have an in-house group or have worked with content marketing offices before, each organization is at an alternate stage in their content marketing development.

Understanding where you fit into the content marketing development model will offer you some assistance with understanding how to adjust your procedure to be more powerful for clients and for your business.

By what means Can SEO Manual Submission's Content Marketing Help You?

A durable content marketing system is key for achievement. Without it, you're tossing strategies against the divider and seeing what sticks. We can work with you to decide the best way to deal with content helping so as to market for your business you execute the accompanying

  • Content Marketing Audit
  • Content Marketing Strategy
  • Content Marketing Planning
  • Content Marketing Implementation and Creation
  • Content Marketing Measurement and Performance Optimization

Reach out to us anytime and we will tell you more with what we can do for you.

How Content Marketing Works?

  • Content marketing includes two noteworthy viewpoints, to be specific content creation and content advancement.
  • Great quality content pulls in both web crawlers and also human guests.
  • Precisely made content is deliberately advanced in different high movement content sharing stages.
  • At the point when internet searchers see great quality content that is pertinent to your image, it relates your image with the items and administrations in your corner and in this way gives better perceivability to your content and additionally to your site in the list items for the important catchphrase seeks.
  • Besides, content marketing is an exceptionally Google neighborly approach. Accordingly, all around executed content-based web marketing systems win incredible favors from Google.

Top Features Of Our Content Marketing Service

  • Google Panda consistent content marketing system.
  • 100% manual way to deal with content marketing.
  • Great quality content made with the assistance of in-house content composition specialists.
  • Sensibly estimated arrangement.
  • Amazing client administration with free itemized reporting.

How content marketing advantages you?

  • Content marketing does the chatting in the interest of your image. It helps in inspiring your clients and supports your deal.
  • Offers you some assistance with driving exceedingly focused on activity to your site by focusing on top watchwords. Content marketing builds Keyword Ranking in the famous internet searchers, i.e. Google, Yahoo and Bing and in this manner builds your transformation rates.
  • Your brands general online perceivability is improved.
  • Offers you some assistance with winning the trust and the certainty of your clients.
  • You will have the capacity to enhance your image dependability and hold your current clients regardless of the serious rivalry that wins in your industry.

Our Best Content Marketing and Promotion Process

  • Content marketing procedure advancement: We first add to a content marketing technique that is suitable for your business. Here we additionally distinguish the stages in which your content will be advanced for compelling transformations.
  • Making Of Quality Content: Once the right procedure is distinguished, our master authors will make exceptional content that is significant to your corner.
  • Web index Friendly Content Promotion: It is insufficient to make magnificent content, you will have the capacity to appreciate the complete advantages just in light of how well the content is advanced. We will give your content with fabulous presentation so that your intended interest group will have simple access.
  • Google Friendly Search Marketing: We will likewise connect with sound standards of SEO to showcase your content and win Google's support.
  • Online networking Flavor: We will give extraordinary consideration regarding social networking marketing. Today no marketing endeavors can be viewed as complete without online networking flavor. Our content marketing technique will likewise make capable online networking vicinity for your site.
  • On Going Content Management: Your content is great just the length of you are routinely overseeing it. Notwithstanding whether it is web journal content or online networking content, the freshness ought to be held. Our content marketing technique will likewise deal with this perspective.
  • Execution Review: Our accomplished and qualified Google Analytics specialists will survey the execution of the content marketing methodologies actualized for your site and give you bits of knowledge by evaluating the general execution and results.

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