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What is social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is a method for Internet users to store, organize, search, and manage bookmarks of web pages on the Internet with the help of metadata. These bookmarks are saved publicly and can be shared with other users. Social bookmarking sites allow users to organize and tag their bookmarks, and also to see other users' bookmarks and tags. Popular social bookmarking sites include Delicious, Reddit, and Digg.

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What is importance of social bookmarking?

Social bookmarking is important part of SEO and promotion for several reasons, including:

Increase Visibility: Social bookmarking can help increase the visibility of a website or blog by allowing users to share links with a wider audience.

Search Engine Optimization (SEO): Social bookmarks can help improve a website's search engine rankings by creating backlinks to the site.

Information Discovery: Social bookmarking allows users to discover new information and resources on a particular topic, as they can view and follow the bookmarks and tags of other users.

Increase Networking: Social bookmarking can be a great way to network with other professionals and experts in your field, as you can view and share resources with a community of like-minded individuals.

Collaboration: Social bookmarking can enable teams and groups to share and organize information and resources, which can help them work more efficiently and effectively.

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How to do social bookmarking?

Here are the basic steps to do social bookmarking:

  • Sign up for an account on a social bookmarking site such as Delicious, Reddit, or Digg.
  • Install a bookmarklet on your browser's toolbar to easily add bookmarks from any website.
  • Browse the web and find a webpage that you want to save for later or want to share with others.
  • Click the bookmarklet in your browser's toolbar to save the webpage as a bookmark.
  • Add tags to the bookmark to make it easy to find later and help others discover it.
  • Share the bookmark with others by posting it on your social bookmarking profile or by sharing it on other social media platforms.
  • Browse and explore other users' bookmarks to discover new resources and information.
  • Keep your bookmarks organized and up-to-date by editing and deleting them as needed.

Note: the steps may vary depending on the specific social bookmarking site you are using.

Why its good to use social bookmarking websites list?

It's good to use a list of social bookmarking websites for several reasons:

Get More Reach: A list of social bookmarking websites can help you reach a wider audience, as you can submit your bookmarks to multiple sites and increase your visibility and exposure.

Get High Quality Backlinks: Submitting your bookmarks to multiple social bookmarking websites can help you create multiple backlinks to your website, which can improve your search engine rankings.

Increase Networking: By submitting your bookmarks to a variety of social bookmarking websites, you can network with a diverse group of individuals and professionals in your field.

Information Discovery: Social bookmarking websites can be a valuable resource for information discovery, as you can view and follow the bookmarks and tags of other users to find new resources and information.

Increase Diversity: By using a list of social bookmarking websites, you can reach a variety of different audiences, as each site has its own unique user base.

In summary, using a list of social bookmarking websites can help increase visibility, backlinks, network, and information discovery, and reach a wider, more diverse audience.

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Do Follow and Free Social Bookmarking Sites List 2023

Total Number of Social Bookmarking Sites = 137

Sponsored Social Bookmarking Sites Lists
Sr. No. Site Name Submit Url DA Report
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Normal Social Bookmarking Sites Lists
Sr. No. Site Name Submit Url DA Report
1 myspace 95
2 92
3 getpocket 91
4 Slashdot 91
5 diigo 89
6 plurk 89
7 minds 86
8 pearltrees 85
9 83
10 contently 80
11 techdirt 80
12 Fark 78
13 Folkd 69
14 Blogengage 66
15 socialbookmarkinghq 59
16 ttlink 58
17 Sitejot 58
18 allmyfaves 58
19 BibSonomy 54
20 sqworl 53
21 Bizsugar 53
22 linkagogo 53
23 bookmark 52
24 Designfloat 50
25 45
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26 tshirts 44
27 party 44
28 furniture.ipt 44
29 gifts.ipt 44
30 python.ipt 44
31 general-merchandise 44
32 laptop 44
33 theatre 44
34 haskell.ipt 44
35 ppc 44
36 flights.ipt 44
37 food.ipt 44
38 javascript 44
39 shirts 44
40 jeans 44
41 titan 44
42 onlineschool 44
43 itservices 44
44 payrole 44
45 trousers 44
46 smo.ipt 44
47 itsecurity 44
48 php 44
49 java 44
50 festivals 44
51 galf.ipt 44
52 medicine 44
53 mobile.ipt 44
54 Memotoo 44
55 snooker 44
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56 helpdesk 44
57 Dealigg 43
58 backpacks 42
59 desktop 42
60 businessloan 42
61 attractions 42
62 boy.ipt 42
63 employment.ipt 42
64 akonter 42
65 arts-and-entertainment.ipt 42
66 socialbookmarkssite 41
67 myhq 40
68 Craftjuice 39
69 1look4 39
70 Bookmark4you 39
71 Shetoldme 39
72 mySiteVote 36
73 Sociopost 36
74 aixindashi 36
75 bookmarkee 36

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