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One of the biggest frustrations for website owners is to not get enough traffic. To try to improve traffic, many website owners immediately turn to Google and search for an SEO company without even knowing what is damaging their site. A website may have great content and an all-natural linking account and still stay away from traffic because of a hidden problem. The best way to get started on an SEO campaign is with a SEO Manual Submission review that pinpoints a virtual reality issues.

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Complete SEO Audit Service

Complete SEO Audit Service for E-commerce Websites or Other Sites

Are you having trouble ranking in the major search engines, and you're not sure exactly why? SEO Manual Submission, a leader in search engine optimization, can carry out an SEO audit and create an actionable strategy to help you your own visibility online. Each of our SEO audit process includes:

  • A general analysis to determine your website's strong points and determine an SEO strategy.
  • Identifying both the on-page and off-page factors affecting search positions.
  • A comprehensive SEO audit survey, including a competitive scorecard, backlink report, and future site strategy.

The SEO audit process commences with a general research of your website to examine what action is needed to best improve it for search search engines. Based upon this analysis, SEO Manual Submission offers advice for increasing your website to improve your overall search engine rankings. These tips may include, tend to be not limited to, duplicate content, broken links, dangling links, similar subject tags, duplicate meta points, web copy editing, CODE validation, browser and image resolution compatibility, page loading times, search engine rankings, site statistics, and error webpages. All of this is incorporated into both our off and on page SEO audit.

All of the factors listed above are just some of the many elements SEO Manual Submission will address during the SEO audit process. Each of these factors provide some type of impact in attracting search engine crawlers and by extension customers to your site. The full SEO audit will show us exactly where you can improve so you can start standing better in search search engines.

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Complete Website Auditing Service

Complete Ecommerce/Site SEO Audit Packages

SEO Manual Submission is offering four types of Complete Ecommerce/Site SEO Audit Packages according to number of size of websites or number of pages for very reasonable price. Choose one of below Complete Ecommerce/Site SEO Audit Packages according to your need to increase your sales and benefits with high organic traffics ranking.

Who Need SEO Audit Service?

Nearly all website owner can benefit from an SEO website audit, but not every site is ready for one. In the event your wesite isn't carrying out well, then an SEO audit can be the key ingredient to improve your visibility. If you see your visitors not necessarily interacting with your web page or that you are not getting many phone calls or sales, then an SEO audit can help find the answers to bring you the conversions your business desperately needs. All of us can even help you determine why your site loads so slowly, which can be the key reason why your visitors don't stay for long. Whatever problem you are having with your website, a SEO Manual Submission audit can find the much needed solutions.

SEO can be a confusing and expensive process, depending on what actually your preferences are. Unfortunately, most site owners don't know just what their needs are. The moment you call an SEO company, you are often linked to a dealer whose main interest is selling the biggest SEO package they can. The moment the salesperson starts spouting off all the possible services they give and the possible results they might achieve, a business owner may easily be persuaded by the promise of any huge return. Many of these services are extraneous and may well not even help achieve your goals. In addition, many website owners may want to pay a lot of money for SEO because they miss just what they are getting for money. With a SEO Manual Submission audit, we give you the tools to understand your SEO needs so you will not get scammed.

Guaranteed Search Engine Ranking and Best ROI (Return Over Investment). Know all in details that how to increase online visibility, organic traffics from search engines and sales? with our Complete SEO Audit Service.

Basic SEO Audit Pack


  • Up to 30
  • 30 Mins.

  • 15-30 Days


Gold SEO Audit Pack


  • Up to 100
  • 45 Mins.

  • 30-45 Days


Diamond SEO Audit Pack


  • Unlimited
  • 120 Mins.

  • 45-60 Days


E-commerce SEO Audit Pack


  • Unlimited
  • 120 Mins.

  • 30-45 Days


SEO Audit Process

Process and Details of SEO Audit Service

When you present your site for a SEO review, we take as much time as necessary taking a gander at each essential part of your site. We need to locate each conceivable issue that may influence your site's traffic from the search engines. At SEO Manual Submission, we altogether investigate your site utilizing an assortment of techniques that permit us to get each potential issue. Our SEO reviews investigate an assortment of site issues including, however not restricted to:

  • URL and Domain Structure
  • Site Maps
  • Inner Linking and Broken Links
  • List and Crawl Issues
  • Page Load Speed
  • Page Titles and Meta Data
  • Content Optimization
  • Copy Content
  • Catchphrase Usage and Placement
  • Outside Linking Profiles
  • Picture and Video Optimization
  • Page Navigation and Structure
  • Examination
  • Change Rates
  • Ricochet Rates
  • Portable and Tablet Optimization (Responsive or Mobile Optimization)
  • Blog Integration
  • Online networking Integration
  • Coding Issues
  • Much More Related things

Our SEO review takes a gander at all the variables that may bring about issues. By taking a gander at each essential territory of your site, we pinpoint the greater part of the major and minor issues so you can be prepared to upgrade and acquire traffic and transformations.

There isn't much you have to do to plan for a SEO review. Other than giving your URL and the fundamental issue your site is having, you don't have to do much on your end. We will deal with the work and demonstrate to you the outcomes in an auspicious manner so you can get your site the traffic and changes you require.

Advantage Of SEO Audit

On the off chance that you get a SEO review before reaching any SEO organizations, you will know precisely what services you require. The more educated you are about the proc cess, the more probable you are to pick the privilege SEO methodologies. Lamentably, there are a great deal of awful SEO organizations out there that will just do the negligible work required to get your installment. A SEO review will improve you educated with the goal that you can ask the imperative inquiries. On the off chance that your SEO Company doesn't give a portion of the services you require, or wouldn't like to offer these services to you, then you will know promptly that they are not the best company for you.

Another huge point of preference to the SEO review is that it gives you the chance to endeavor the SEO yourself. In the event that you are acquainted with your site, you might have the capacity to execute huge numbers of the proposals without contracting another company to do it for you. This can wind up sparing you a great deal of cash over the long haul. While performing the fixes in the SEO review doesn't promise better perceivability, it absolutely puts you progressing nicely.

Result of SEO Audit Service

At the point when your SEO review is finished, you will get a nitty gritty report that incorporates the greater part of the particulars about any issues we found. We will make things as clear as could be expected under the circumstances for you with the goal that you won't have to contract your own particular SEO master to investigate the information. Our reports will demonstrate to you where you have issues, what the issues are, and some potential answers for fix the issues. We will likewise give you the chance to ask our specialists any inquiries you have about the outcomes. With our SEO site reviews, we ensure you know precisely what the potential issues are so you can either endeavor to alter them all alone or take them to your own SEO individual.

The expense of a complete SEO review will differ in view of your site. Since each site is distinctive, it's difficult to give one sticker price for SEO reviews. Some destinations comprise of only a couple pages and almost no code while different locales have several pages and complex coding. Our SEO reviews are 100% altered for your site since we need to ensure you get the most ideal data. At last, a SEO review can spare your business a great deal of cash by indicating you precisely what issues to search for. As opposed to burning through a huge number of dollars every month for services you needn't bother with, our far reaching SEO reviews give you the potential responses at a small amount of the cost. A SEO review is a sound venture for your company.

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