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On page optimization is first and important step of search engine optimization.

On page optimization is completely refer to site optimization like title tag optimization, description tag optimization and body contents optimization.

Title Tag Optimization

Title tag is very important part of your websites because you can say about website through your title. Generally we put our main keywords or keyword phrases to title. We always use short but weight full title for our websites. Because search engines like about 60 to 75 character long title with meaningful words or keywords phrases.

Description Tag Optimization

With description tag we put our site summary with our keywords because search engines index your title and description first. So we should also optimize our description according to our keywords or keywords phrase because SEs will show these details in search engine result list and if you keywords are also there then positions of your site can effected due to your description.

Keywords Tag Optimization

Now a days keywords tag is not valuable like past but some search engines still consider for keywords tag to categorize your website. So we should put it also with our meta tags. Keep in mind that avoid that types of words which are not in your body contents. Because if you are using any competitive keywords but that keywords are not in your body then it can create problem for you.

Body Content Optimization

Body content optimization is play a big role in on page optimization because you can tell to SEs bots about your main keywords or keyword phrases through content optimization.

You should use H1 tags with your main keywords at starting of page and then can use H2, H3, H4 ... with your secondary keywrods or keyword phrases.

You can use BOLD tag, Italic tag to show your keywords or keywords phrases in paragraph. Generally SEs bot read these tags and index your primary, secondary and other keywords. You should avoid keywords stuffing because if you are repeating your keywrods again and again without any meaningful sentences or paragraph then SEs can ban you or can penalize you by decrease your PR and position in search engine result page.

Update your site regular because SEs love update and unique contents are known as king of SEO.

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