100,000 Manual Directory Submission Package For Seo Reseller or Seo Company

100,000 Manual Directory Submission Package For Seo Reseller or Seo Company

Bulk reseller 1 package if offering get 100000 manual directory submission for unbelievable rate. this directory submission package is suitable for seo reseller or seo company who want to use submission services for his client.

Actual Price: $17,000.00

Offer Price: $4,340.00

Total Days: 0 Business Days

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Package Details

SEO Manual Submission is offering 100000 manual directory submission package for seo reseller or seo company who want to outsource his manual directory submission work. You can use this package for unlimited time (Not time limitation). Means you package is valid till 100000 submission finish.

Right now many seo company and seo consultancy is using our bulk manual directory submission package because with bulk package we charge only 4.3 cent per submission means only $4.30 for per 100 submission.
Some Important Things to Know About This Package

  • You can use unlimited sites to use this package. Means you can choose 5000 submission for one site or you can choose also 50 submission for each site. There are not any limitation for number of submission for each site. For example few of our clients (Seo Reseller) is using 100 submission for each of websites with this package.
  • There are not any time limitation. Means once you bought our package then we save each order in our database and count regular number of submission. This package is valid till finish of total number of submission. Does not matter you are taking 1 year, 2 year or more to finish total number of submission.
  • Get additional submission with each package. Means if you will place details for 100 submission then we will give you more than 100 submission.
  • You can use either fast manual directory submission or slow manual directory submission with this package. Means we can submit websites to 100 to 500 web directories per day or we can change our submission format in slow mode (10 to 20 submission per day or alternate). But its completely depend on your request.
  • Guarantee for quality and manual services.


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