Return & Refund Policies

Return & Refund Policy of SMS

SEO Manual Submission is selling digital marketing services and so Return policy is not applicable, becaue we are not selling any products.

Refund Policy of SEO Manual Submission

Bulk Discount Package Refund Policy

Bulk discount packages are prepaid package and designed to give additional credits to buy our sevices. For exmaple if you are booking our "Basic Bulk Discount Package" worth $100.00 then we will give you 10% additional credits and $110.00 will credits under your account. Now you can buy our services worth $110.00 at our website (SEO Manual Submission).

  • After book bulk discount package, you have 15 days to ask to for full refund (If did not use credits to buy any services are our website). If you will ask for refund before 15 days then your paid amount will refund. For example you buy our basic bulk discount package then we will refund package price only $100.00.

  • After buy bulk discount package you have 30 days (1 Month) to check our services and quality and ask for refund.

  • If you purchase any services / packages from our website from bulk discount credits and after start our service, ask for refund then we will deduct package actual cost. We are offering about all packages with discounted price. For 500 Manual Directory Submission Package is of $85.00 (Actual Cost) while we are offering this package for $79.00, so in case of refund we deduct $85.00 from your total amount and remaining will refund.

  • After one month payment for bulk discount package is non-refundable.

Directory Submission / Advertisement / Buy Guest Posting or Link Insertion : Payment for these are non refundable.

Overall Services Refund Policies

  • If you bought any package at our website (, then you can ask for full refund within 24 hours because we start work on any order after 24 hours (After successfull payment).

  • After 24 hours if we started work on order and you ask for refund within one week (7 days), then we will deduct our services actual price from your total paid amount and remaining will refund.
    For example : If you book our "Starter Link Building Package" for $175.00. We start works on your package, start "Manual Directory Submission", Article Writing and then you asked for refund then we will deduct 250 Manual Directory Submission (250 * $00.17 = $42.50) + 5 Article Writing (5 * $15.00 = $75.00), So total refundable amount will be $175.00 - $117.50 = $57.50.
    Note : We will deduct actual price of service, not offered price.

  • After finish any services or packages works we will send you report to check them manually. If you found any fault there that what we are offering and not serving services accordingly then you can contact us for replacement service or ask for refund for that service. Same we will cut actual price of remaining services and will refund remaining.

  • 7 days after final report submission, payment will be non refundable.

Seo Manual Submission team described about all refundable points on this page. You can check our terms and conditions page to know more.

If you have any additional questions then please feel free to contact us.