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How To Enhance Link Building Efforts Using Search Engine Console Platform

Running SEO campaigns is something that one needs to be careful about because it is dynamic, complex, and technical. It needs a more insightful approach when you are doing link building, here use of search console platforms is one of the most important factors that you would need to understand. 

What is The Google Console Platform? 

This is a free and comprehensive web service that is hosted by Google to help publishers, business owners, and marketers to understand the performance of the site and the health of your site in relation to Google search. 

It will provide you with a host of key metrics that would help you understand the level of user experience and site performance. That would include crawling, indexing, identifying errors, and fixing them, most importantly, it also reviews internal and external links which would be useful in link building practices. 

How to Use The Console for Link Building: 

It is important that you know how to use the GSC (Google Search Console) and make the most of your link building efforts, here are a few tips to help you with that. 

  • Once you are logged into GSC, you then have to go to the link section that would find under the "security and manual" tab. As soon as you are in the link section, you would see various options such as external and internal links, top linking text, and top linking site, you would also see link data which helps assess the performance report 

  • In the external link tab, you would be able to see all the pages that have external links. You can now take a look at which are the pages that have the most number of external links and link sites. It also offers you to filter a specific set of metrics such as tags and names linked to certain pages, this allows you to know the authority of your site and also be able to discover harmful links that are linked 

  • The internal link option would help to identify how well your pages are connected internally, which helps you to find the discoverability of your content. Using top linking site options, you would know which sites have more links to your site and assess the performance of link traffic and other parameters 

These are notable things that you can use top link text to know what are the texts used to get links to your site, the crux is that GSC is the best way to understated how links are working. 

Hire Highly Trained Professionals:

The most important thing to know the fact that GSC would give you a better idea about how your links are doing and how the link building efforts are performing but you need trained guys who know what to do using the metrics and parameters. 

All you have to do is to ensure that you are going for the best link building agencies that would help you in getting the best results that you expect from the campaign. So, get started with the help of the GSC tool today.

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