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Why Choose Paid Links?: This is a very important and valuable question that why we choose paid listing type. We are always think in our mind about organic traffic and we send traffic always to directory home page and then after its depend on visitor that he wants to go inside or not but he watch always homepage, we send traffic to our web directory from several of pages from our sites RS Seo Solution Web Directory and if you choose paid listing then your link will be on homepage always and thats why you got good amount of traffics and quality backlinks.

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To place your banner Ads at "RS Seo Solution Web Directory", we charge $99.00 Per Month. To book your spot here go to payment option page, Fill your name, email and amount details to process payment. After successful payment email banner (750px Width and 100px Height) and URL at

Link Types & Details

Super Power Link - $30.00: Super power links are just treat as feature links but having some extra benefit like always top of every directory pages. We will submit your site details to 10 High DA Web Directories of our networks (Different IPs) and 20+ High DA social bookmarking of your listing page to increase more weight of your backlinks. You can change titles time to time or in future (if need), Means if you are submitted your link with “Seo Services” Keyword then you can change it any time with another popular keywords like “Complete Seo Link Building Services”, and for this you have to send us only an email with your link detail as you want to change. First time you have to paid $30 and then after its free for lifetime.

Feature Link - $20.00: Feature links are also always on top of every directory pages and first time you have to paid for feature listing $20 and its free for lifetime (One year as feature and after then as regular links). For any second feature links by same clients, means if you choose feature links first time then for second feature links you have to pay us $16.00 only due to discount of 20% for bulk submission.

Regular Express Link - $5.00: Generally our editor for Regular link takes 12+ weeks to approve regular link but Regular express link will approve within 12 to 24 hours, means little invest and get listed in our directory within hardly 24 hours. Regular express link is most suitable for deep link submission also because we will not allow deep link submission for free.

Regular Link - Free: Regular link is free for life time. Approval time is about 12+ Weeks.

No one link is guaranteed for approve, its depend on our rules and guidelines. If you think that your listing is rejected by mistake or for any other related issues feel free to contact us or email us at

Read Before Submit Your Links

  • Denotes for Required Fields.
  • We are not accepting any free emails in free or regular listing like gmail, yahoo or other to block spammers. We are facing problem in confrimation with free email, if we see any problem in listing in future.
  • We will send you confirmation email first and if you will confirm email or reply us then we will approve your site or you can send us your site details like title, name, url, category, sub category etc to, we will add your site manually to our directory according to your request and then we will confirm you by email for live listing page and details URL. So always submit valid email or send us details from valid email.
  • Deep links allow with Regular or free listing, otherwise we will reject your site approval without any notification.
  • Super Power or feature links will appear at top of your selected categories but you are not able to submit duplicate links like one paid and one free. Be careful because we can delete your previous data and can block your IP to access our web directory because we check all links manually for quality and avoid spam.
  • RS Seo Solution team deleted big list of sites due to avoid our rules and guidelines so pleaes be careful if you want to get quality backlinks and traffics from our directory.
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