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Understanding Stop Words and How to Avoid Them?

Understanding Stop Words and How to Avoid Them?

To understand how to avoid stop words, you have to understand first what the stop words are. Search engines have some words or phrases that are considered “Stop Words”. When the spider or crawler encounter one of these words they will live immediately your website and any information they gathered from it will not be saved in their database. This means that your website will not be indexed. If your website is already indexed, the crawler will come back and check them that your site is updated or not and if in this process crawler get any stop words then your site could get banned from the search engine. You will not be allowed to remove the word and resubmit. It’s too late.

Different search engines have different lists, but some stop words are universal – usually words that refer to sites with Graphical, Sexual content, or other “Adult material".

These are not only Stop Words, However some search engines create different lists of Stop Words for each different kind of websites. The algorithms which rank the pages determine how many times on a page a keywords is listed, keep in mind that there are people trying to keyword stuff their pages to improve their ranking. If a word is not relevant to your site, don’t list it in your keywords, this is one easy way to avoid losing of your index privileges (visheshadhikar, mukt karna).

Keywords stuffing is when someone use the same keywords over and over again in the Meta tags and the content of the web pages. If you are searching the web and come across a website that seems to be raked far too highly. Then keyword stuffing is usually to blame. The search engines work hard to stop people from using these types of tactic, and usually de-list site that they find to using them. That’s why some sites can be listed near the top for some while and before one day seemingly disappearing altogether.

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