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What is Graphical Inventory?

What is Graphical Inventory?

Definition of Graphical Inventory : - Banners and other ads that appears depending on the keywords a page contains. This includes Pop ups, Browser toolbars, and rich (reach) media.

Graphical Inventory, also known as a graphical representation of inventory, is a visual representation of a company's inventory levels and stock movements. It is a tool used in supply chain management and inventory management to visualize and monitor inventory levels, stock movements, and other important metrics, such as lead times, reorder points, and safety stock levels.

Graphical Inventory can be represented in various forms, such as bar graphs, line graphs, or pie charts, and can be used to track inventory levels over time, visualize changes in demand, or identify patterns in inventory usage. By visualizing inventory data in this way, companies can gain valuable insights into their inventory management processes and make informed decisions to optimize their inventory levels and reduce the risk of stockouts or overstocking.

Graphical Inventory can be created and managed using specialized software or can be built manually using spreadsheet programs such as Microsoft Excel. The use of graphical inventory is particularly useful for companies with large or complex inventory systems, as it can help to simplify the analysis of inventory data and improve decision-making processes.

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