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What is Paid Inclusion?

What is Paid Inclusion?

Definition of Paid Inclusion :- An advertising program where pages are guaranteed to be spidered and included to index of search engines in exchange for payment.

Paid inclusion is a search engine marketing (SEM) technique in which a website pays a fee to be included in a search engine's database of web pages. The purpose of paid inclusion is to guarantee that a website will be indexed by the search engine and to improve its visibility in the search results.

When a website participates in a paid inclusion program, its pages are periodically crawled by the search engine and added to the search engine's index. Paid inclusion can be a useful tool for websites that want to ensure that their pages are included in the search results for specific keywords or phrases, but it is not a guarantee of higher ranking or increased traffic.

Paid inclusion is different from paid search advertising, in which a website pays to display ads in the search results for specific keywords or phrases. Paid inclusion programs have become less common in recent years as search engines have developed more sophisticated algorithms for indexing and ranking web pages.

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