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What is Seach Engine Index?

What is Seach Engine Index?

Definition of Index: - Once the crawler has collected all the information, then after it is stored and indexed all information. This allows user for searching keywords or phrase to get result relating to what they were searching for – their search results. More sites incorporate (Shamil karna) rating system like Google page rank or Alexa ranking for positioning your site. This ratings are used to attempt to ensure that sites are very important or get more traffic than other (unimportant sites).

Another definition of index :- A collections of information a search engine has that searchers can query.

Rules of Rating: -

  • If every sites in a particular field, links to a particular site, this site is probably very important for that field and should, therefore that site  be listed very highly in the list of search engine results. Thus the basic ideology of Google page Ranks.
  • If a site is receiving great deal of traffic or load and load of traffic , then it probably it has some information or services that are very useful for its user.
    Alexa rating attempt to estimate the amount of traffic that a particular site get , and compare it to amount of traffic that other sites get. If site is more trafficked that means site is very important than other.
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