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5 Crucial Factors That Help Your SEO Strategy

5 Crucial Factors That Help Your SEO Strategy

5 Crucial Factors That Help Your SEO Strategy

Are you running an online business? If you are, then you likely know that search engine optimisation is an important part of your digital marketing strategy. But it is not enough to just know the basics and follow the latest trends. To stay competitive in the search results and achieve your business goals, you need a solid SEO strategy that tackles more than just on-page SEO elements.

Below we list down 5 crucial factors to help you improve your SEO performance:

1) Overall Technical SEO

While quality is an important consideration in every optimisation effort, paying attention to the quantifiable aspects of SEO can greatly improve your search engine rankings. Technical SEO appears daunting and confusing if you are not as tech-savvy as specialists or web designers. However, even though you are new to digital marketing and do not have prior coding knowledge, you can customise aspects of your website and increase your on-page optimisation:

  • Add priority keywords and key phrases as naturally as possible on strategic areas of your site - titles, headers, content body, tags, call to action buttons, picture captions, alt tags and meta descriptions.
  • Use H1, H2, and H3 headers and sub-headers to showcase content hierarchy
  • Never leave your meta description blank; this is where you  insert keywords and explain what a page is about not more than 160 characters.
  • Photos have a hidden space for descriptions, otherwise known as alt tags; these are among the best places for adding keywords.
  • Let Google know the type of content your website has by using a schema markup.

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If time is of the essence, a heuristic route would be to get a plugin like All in One SEO. It will keep you on the right track through a feasible checklist. You also have the option to set a focus keyword and supplementary keywords as necessary. The plugin will calculate the SEO score of each page on your site with corresponding suggestions on where to improve in case it falls below the expected standard. Should you encounter difficulties setting up high-end plugins like All in One SEO, you can always enlist the help of a reliable SEO company and let them handle online marketing campaigns on your company's behalf.

2) Contact Details

Business websites are platforms where you can inform and convince target customers to buy your company's products and services. After browsing through your site, genuinely interested buyers would find ways to get in touch with company representatives to enquire or ask for recommendations. Without sufficient channels for communication, potential customers may feel discouraged and seek competitors with better customer service instead.

Your business contact information is an important local SEO ranking factor. A well-optimised website is thorough with their business information. This is the kind of website you will see when you search for a product or service near your residence.

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Search algorithms give more points to businesses that optimise the following:

  • Business name
  • Business address
  • Phone number
  • Google My Business listings
  • Bing places
  • Directory listings (e.g. Yelp, 4Shared, HotFrog)
  • Social media listings (e.g. Facebook, Instagram)
  • Local search terms within the body of your web pages

A recommended optimisation mantra would be to leave "no stone unturned." Make sure your business is searchable on Google Search and Maps. Pin your map location on your website for an added local ranking boost.

3) Link-Building

Links are indispensable to SEO. It is one of the major ranking factors you must pay attention to from start to finish. Given the volatile nature of the Internet with websites rising and disappearing on a regular basis, building links must be a continuous process.

Links are divided into three categories:

  • Internal links are links that connect one page of your website to another, guiding visitors to different pages on your site
  • Inbound links, also known as backlinks, are links from high-ranking website with relevant content that link back to your site
  • Outbound links redirect your visitors to relevant or authoritative websites within your industry or niche

Take note of all the websites that links back to you as well as the websites your site links to. Filter websites that are not authoritative, relevant to your industry or niche, and do not have a secure hypertext transfer protocol (low security).

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4) Social Media Presence

While there needs to be more data to further validate such a claim, studies show that higher SEO rankings and social media shares have a connection. According to Google, shares are not a direct ranking factor and social media links have less weight than links from authoritative websites.

However, some high-ranking pages in the search results have a proven social media presence. This could be due to the following factors:

  • Social shares direct more traffic a page
  • Number of shares can drive more backlinks

Even if indirectly, the number of shares and social media posts can give traction to your web pages. Balance having a social media presence with the right use of social signals.

5) User Experience (UX)

It has been some time since Google started using artificial intelligence to increase a website's rank. This signal was dubbed as RankBrain. But there are other signals that come with it that could make or break your search engine ranking.

These signals include:

  • Bounce rate: the number of sessions on your site where people only click one page and immediately return to the search results
  • Dwell time: the length of time visitors browse your site after they clicked and landed on a page
  • Click-through rate: the percentage of clicks a page on your site gets on the search engine results pages

All the signals listed above indicate users' click and browsing behaviours, giving you an idea on where and how to better improve your website. Identify which pages have higher dwell times and click-through rates. Note down what you did right by these pages and replicate the formula on pages with higher bounce rates or less clicks and dwell time.

What Makes a Solid SEO Strategy?

First, request a website audit through a trusted tool or with the help of a reputable SEO company. Once you receive the audit results, build a compact SEO strategy around them. Start with the five crucial factors listed above. Next, consistency is key. Rankings grow commensurate to your efforts and strategies.

Search rankings are volatile. Always be on the lookout for algorithm changes, updates and trends. Adjust your strategies from time to time. SEO is an ongoing process.

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