Advantage and Details of Do-Follow And No-Follow Backlinks

Advantage and Details of Do-Follow And No-Follow Backlinks

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We all know that there are many techniques and procedures for SEO. Backlinks are one of them. You cannot ignore backlinks while doing SEO as backlinks are an important search engine ranking factor. Backlinks are using for 15 years when Google introduces the concept of ‘dofollow’ and ‘nofollow’ in 2005. Backlinks are very important for SEO but we need to understand that not all link types are important or equal. So we will discuss here all about the links; dofollow and nofollow.

What is a nofollow link?

‘Nofollow’, as its name tell that do not follow. It means a nofollow link tells search engines not to pass any link from one website to the other website that you’re linking to. Since ‘nofollow’ links do not pass, they also don’t affect search engine rankings. During the crawling and indexing process by the search engines, search engines will not follow the web page pointed by the link. Popular sites like YouTube, Amazon, and Facebook have nofollow links.

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All nofollow links contain the rel="nofollow" HTML attribute. Here is the HTML code for an example of a nofollow link:


This HTMP tag instructs the search engine to ignore that link and then search engines will not follow the web page pointed by the link. To check the nofollow backlinks, you need to do right-click on the link, and then select Inspect on your browser.

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Benefits of nofollow links:

  • Nofollow links drive traffic: - Although nofollow link itself doesn’t directly impact your website but it drives quality traffic to your web page and that traffic check out your business and your content.
  • Nofollow links build brand awareness: - Because nofollow links drive traffic to your website and more traffic can lead to better rankings; this will help to build brand awareness.
  • Nofollow links normalize your profile: - If you don’t have nofollow links on your website, the search engine may see your website as a suspicious website and if you have nofollow links on your website, your profile will look normal and natural.
  • Nofollow links can lead to dofollow links: - Nofollow links serve as a gateway to dofollow links. Because nofollow links drive valuable traffic to your website, you may attract more credible leads because this traffic contains people interested in your business. So there is more possibility of conversion of links from nofollow to dofollow.

What is a dofollow link?

Technically a dofollow link isn’t a thing and It doesn’t exist because, by default, every hyperlink is a dofollow link unless otherwise mentioned. Simply we can say that dofollow link is just opposite to nofollow which means the search engine recognizes and passes the link juice from the referring site to the linked website. During the crawling and indexing process by the search engines, search engines will follow the web page pointed by the link. If a link isn’t nofollowed, it’s automatically followed.

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Here’s how a dofollow link looks like:

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For natural link building you have to consider on backlinks not mainly on link relation because backlinks show popularity and get attention of search engines. To get good position in search engines and to build reputation online both types of links are very important.

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