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All About Hiring a Waterloo Stretch Wedding Limousine

All About Hiring a Waterloo Stretch Wedding Limousine

All About Hiring a Waterloo Stretch Wedding Limousine

Weddings are once in a lifetime events and as such, you should spare no expense to make yours memorable. If you are in the greater Toronto area, you should consider getting a stretch limo for your wedding. To bring down costs, you should hire your wedding limousine from the surrounding areas of Mississauga, Burlington, Oakville, Brampton, Toronto, and Hamilton. Note that costs go up as you move towards the city.

To get the best wedding limo, book months in advance. This is important because it will help you to avoid disappointments such as failing to get the exact limousine you want for your wedding. You should look for the limousine nine to twelve months before the wedding. If possible, visit the limousine service to take a look at the limousine. This is important because the Limousines advertised in travel magazines and online are not always what you get.

You should get wedding Limousines following recommendations from friends, colleagues, or relatives. You should then go online once you have short-listed some companies. The internet is advantageous in that you get to compare rates by different wedding limousine services, it is convenient, and it is anonymous. Other methods of getting wedding Limousines such as the yellow pages and travel magazines have several disadvantages such as the fact that the information you get is not current.

You should go for a stretch limo service that specializes in wedding Limousines. This is an important consideration because not all stretch Limousines are ideal for weddings. With a dedicated wedding limousine service, you will find all the appropriate services such as a wet and a dry bar. If children are traveling in a limousine, you should make sure it has specialized in equipment to protect children.

In Toronto, wedding Limousines are expensive and for this reason, you should consider getting other means of transport for your guests. However, if you are hell bent that your guests should travel in Limousines, you should consider the size of the limousine. This is because the more the people the Limousine can carry, the less you will pay. Some wedding Limousines hold eight people and even more. You should get a wedding limousine service that offers a favourable overtime service. This is because it is not always possible to tell when the wedding and the reception will end. For this reason, you should book wedding Limousines for the whole day. If overtime increments are required, know how much you are expected to pay and budget appropriately.

You should tip your chauffeur –he will give you better service if you do. You should learn the company rules on such things as how you are supposed to conduct yourself on the limo. This will prevent hefty fines resulting from non-compliance to rules. As an example, some stretch limo services do not allow you to stand on the sun or moon roofs while others do not allow you to consume any drugs in their limousine. You should also know the laws of the land when riding in a wedding limousine.

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