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Automatic doors, and the many advantages that come with them

Automatic doors, and the many advantages that come with them

Automatic doors, and the many advantages that come with them

Automatic doors are one more benefit accrued from technology.  These have gained popularity with people primarily due to their ease of use. Wherever it is felt that one will benefit in terms of increased security, safety and convenience, people justify the cost of installing Automatic doors. They are basically three types – Swinging, Sliding and Folding.

The prominent advantages which attract people to install these include but not limited to:

  • Image – if you have to pick the option of automatic doors, you will not need to compromise looks for the function. The automatic doors come in a variety of designs, colors and finishes to select so it becomes all the more easier to pick one automatic door that can promote the look and image of any establishment.
  • Convenience – You do away with getting up or going out to open a door manually. This is more so where handicapped persons are affected.
  • Safety – If the automatic doors are properly installed, there are minimum chances of accidents of any sorts. In addition, another aspect related to safety is their use in places like garages, hotels and other large businesses where access can be controlled when required.
  • Easy maintenance – Where proper technology has been used in their manufacture, automatic doors are quite easy to maintain with minimum expertise.
  • Energy Savers - Automatic doors ensure that the required temperature within a facility is maintained since they open or close only when essential. Cost savings are by way of energy saving.
  • Cost - The point in favor is the product use over long run. Automatic doors score over manual doors due to the convenience, ease of use and most importantly the saving by way of reduced energy wastage.
  • High-Traffic Application – One place where they are extremely handy are high traffic entrance/exits. Automatic revolving doors help avoid long queues.

It is important that you choose a qualified installer to install your automatic door because poor installation as well as poor quality of the door will lead to every day issues.

In general there are three types of automatic doors:

Swinging doors
The automatic swinging doors come in with a variety range of configurations, such as single door swinging in/ out or the left hand swinging door and or the right hand swinging door, or couple of doors that swing in one direction. The door is pivoted at the center and features technology including sensors or even control mats as well as safety signage.

Sliding doors
These doors come with flat panels which actually slide horizontally as well as vertically; of course, with varying configurations. Rest of the features is just the same that can be seen in the swinging doors.

Folding doors
The automatic folding doors consist of two or even more panels; while one of it swings the other panel/s slide/s in the guide.

You may also work out manual options which come in handy when there is a power failure more so in the case of garage doors where safety is paramount.

Allow us to customize or select the automatic doors for your establishment that can satisfactorily meet your safety needs and requirements. Additionally, check the link for more information about automatic doors and recommendations to choose correct doors for your establishments. Check our website for any queries.

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