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How To Get PSU Jobs?

How To Get PSU Jobs?

How To Get PSU Jobs?

PSU sector is highly competitive and there are millions of applicants for the same every year. It is not easy to crack a PSU job as each of the job profile comes layered in multiple level. This means that it starts with competitive exam, some includes preliminary and mains, followed by personal interview. However, securing a job in PSU means securing with professional stability and a secure career with monetary benefits.

High Demand for PSU Jobs across country

The PSU are state owned organizations that are governed and owned by central or state government or both. Each of the PSU conducts its national wide examination at competitive level every year. There is high demand for such jobs because it has fixed working hours and shifts with all the perks along with a good salary. There are benefits and promotions along with yearly increments. The job stability is high as compare to private secured.

Securing a PSU Job is a ladder to climb

With so many aspirants every year, it becomes more and more difficult to land a desired job. There are many things that an individual needs to do to secure a job.

  • Know the Exam Dates - The first step to landing a job at PSU is to apply for the competitive exam. For example - PSU’s like SAIL, IOCL, ONGC etc. conduct their exams every year. Keep a check on the dates, know the eligibility criteria and fill the form.

  • Prepare rigorously for the exam -All the PSU jobs are difficult and hence one needs to go through a set of steps. Either it is through GATE or NET exam or exams conducted by the PSU, preparing for the exam is important. Most of the exams have quantitative, aptitude, English and general awareness. Prepare for the exams.

  • Prepare for the Interview – After crossing the hurdle of passing the exam and getting through the cut-off, now is the time to clear the interview. Make sure to prepare well for the personal interview as this is the biggest hurdle during the whole preparation process.

Appear for direct interview or campus selection

One of the benefits of studying in good colleges and universities is direct hiring process by PSUs. The A-list educational institutions like Indian Institute of Technology, National Institute of Technology or Indian Institute of Management have direct selection process through campus interview. The PSU hire candidates from these institute through campus recruitment. This means the rigorous step of competitive exam can be escaped.

However, this is also not easy because getting through such institute itself requires strong preparation and cracking the national level entrance exam. After clearing exams like JEE for IIT or CAT for IIMS, it takes you a step closer to landing a secured job at PSU.

Hence, although a PSU job is secured and pays handsome with good stability, it is highly competitive. This is because there are less vacancies as compared to the applicants. A strong academic excellence and ability to do well in interviews is a solid combination to landing a job in PSU.

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