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How to Set Up Twitter Ads

How to Set Up Twitter Ads

How to Set Up Twitter Ads

If you want to get the most mileage from using Twitter, it pays--literally--to set up Twitter ads. By taking advantage of the service, you will gain influence and popularity through social media online.

Using Twitter ads makes it possible for you to stay engaged with your customers and offer them special prices for your products and services. The addition of ads also helps you stay on top of what works and what does not work promotionally.

Target Each of Your Users

Some tweeters do not know they can target each Twitter user so they can customize their ads for their campaigns. Twitter excels over Facebook for ad use, as you need to get a user's email contact or phone number to customize your ads on FB. On Twitter, you only have to get the Twitter user's handle for your promotional tweets. Twitter makes it easy for you to attract a niche group of followers.

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Pay for Your Campaign When You Realize Your Goals

When you promote tweets on your Twitter account, you only have to pay for the service when you reach a specific marketing goal. That goal may include a website conversion or increased Twitter engagement. It does not matter. You only pay for ads when people act. If you get extra organic impressions or engagements, you can count them as free amenities.

For instance, if you manage a followers campaign, you only pay for people who hit "Follow" and  begin following your business on the social platform. Twitter is willing to take on the risk, as it believes its promotional ads give users what they need and expect.

You can set up your Twitter ads to focus on keyword targeting, or direct your ads toward those individuals who have used a certain hashtag or word in their tweets. Facebook does not offer keyword targeting but targets its ads by topic. By using Twitter then, you can narrow down user preferences.

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How to Get Started

When you use Twitter hashtags and include keywords, you increase engagement at the same time. If set up or have a Twitter business account or already have one, you can start using Twitter ads almost immediately.

  • Begin by going to
  • Log into your account
  • Go to
  • Select one of two promotions
  • Select your country and time zone to begin launching your ads

The sooner you start using ads, the sooner you will realize a bigger bottom line and Twitter following.

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