Know What Is Press Release Writing And The Submission Guidelines To Rank High In SERPs

Know What Is Press Release Writing And The Submission Guidelines To Rank High In SERPs

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If you want to make your new business product public and want many online users to know about it then nothing like a press release, which is a professional approach to reach the targeted customers and this medium is a powerful online tool to promote your business. With this regard the PR submission sites can prove to be very helpful that can change your press release into social media tool to attract the attention of many readers.

Key factors to highlight your Press Release on the Search Engines

Manual submission of press releases will increase the chances of visibility of your PR on major search engines such as Google, MSN and Yahoo. The SEO manual submission and you press release submission sites mainly depend on keywords to promote or rank your PR on the search engines. The keyword search helps you get more traffic to your site. To choose the right set of keywords for incorporating in the press release is the secret to a successful manual directory submission that will fetch you targeted clients.

The Press Release should contain newsworthy element

Always remember that the PR submission sites look for newsworthy factor in the PR and its main aim is to inform the online user or the reader and should not be used as a publicity tool. You cannot resort to publicising your business site or a product through a press release; strictly stick to impart information and nothing else.

Strong Headline and format

Begin the press release with an impressive headline that gives an insight into the news story right away and then the remaining part of the press release should elaborate on the same without losing focus from the main topic; concentrate on 5W’s and one H- when, what, where, why, who and how, which will make your PR compact and crisp. And also give necessary details such as, date of the product and contact information but remember not provide your e-mail address in the body of the PR always give it in the separate space provided during the manual submission process this will save form spam mail.

Three-keyword theory

Choose three keywords that will instantly reach your target customers through the search engines. For manual submission or manual directory submission it is very vital to have the right set of keywords that are relevant to the press release, which makes a huge impact and this will be the criterion on the search engines to get you quality visitors.

Be grammatically correct and present the PR in active voice

Present the PR in a simple language that is jargon free and avoid grammatical errors. Also remember to write the PR in active voice, which make a lot of difference while reading the press release. Do not make any attempts to hype the press release and as much as possible try to avoid the exclamatory mark.

Be factual and use required amount of words

Present facts in the press release and say a big NO to exaggerations, as it will make the news story more credible and authentic. Use the right amount of words to describe the story and avoid unnecessary descriptions that will deviate the story from the main topic.

The SEO manual submission and you press release submission sites look mainly for a defined format with the above-mentioned guidelines for successful promotion of your online business.

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