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Manali - The Enchanting Holiday in This Himachal Pradesh Hill Station

Manali - The Enchanting Holiday in This Himachal Pradesh Hill Station

Manali - The Enchanting Holiday in This Himachal Pradesh Hill Station

Kullu and Manali are two of the most popular hot-spot destinations in India especially for honeymooners and casual holidayers equally. Both these hill stations of Himachal Pradesh are blessed abundantly with breathtaking scenic beauty and nature in the best true colors.

Kullu, is more popular to tourists as the valley of gods (because the place has several temples in and around) and presents a soothing calmness with wooded glades and you can see river Beas flowing in its complete glory all through the journey towards Kullu.

Kullu was considered as farthest point of human habitation and you can find the mention of this valley with the nomenclature of Kulantapitha in great Hindu epics Ramayana, Mahabharata as well as the Vishnu Purana and the festival of Dashehra festival celebrated here is known to be world famous.

The other hill station Manali is spread over green grassland & the evergreen valley offers a visual spectacle that will stay in our minds for a very long time. The two destinations are nature’s best retreat in India for every traveler. Looking for a budgeted or a 5-star hotel? Manali and Kullu have number of hotels and resorts to suit all pocket sizes and the following are the list of must see places in and around Kullu Manali:

  • Bijili Mahadev temple- at a distance of 11km is a must-see temple in Kullu.
  • Bajeshwar Mahadev temple is 15 km away at Bajaura village and this pyramid-shaped temple supposed to belong to 8th century A.D
  • Jagannath Temple is situated at a distance of 3 km and it is quite a steep climb to reach the shrine.
  • Manikaran is around 45 km away from Kullu and is famous for its hot springs and many tourists take a dip in this spring, which supposedly cures skin problems.
  • Pulga & Kheerganga- 16 km is a nature’s treat for mind, body and soul while Kheerganga is known for hot springs.
  • To visit apple orchards you can plan a trip to Katrain which is 20 km away.
  • Naggar is 25 km away from Kullu and is said to be the capital of Kullu rajas who ruled the valley for 1400 years. And the place also offers a panoramic view for nature lovers.
  • If you are a leisure holidayer and love fishing you may want to head to Largi, which is just about 34 km away from Kullu and enjoy netting the fish and chasing the sun all the same time.
  • If you should be an ardent trekker then visiting Malana should be must in your itinerary and Malana is in a distance of 28 km from Kullu town.


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The state of Himachal Pradesh is blessed with the cities of Kullu and Manali, which actually make people wonder what an architect God has been. Known as home for the saptha rishis, it is believed that Manali has been named after Hindu Mythological character Manu and is aptly Switzerland of India with its scenic beauty and climate. For the best deals in a Hotel Manali, make sure you know where to go. Please feel free to check the website and garner the best deals for your Kullu Manali holiday tour.

Source : Manali - The Enchanting Holiday in This Himachal Pradesh Hill Station

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