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Optimise Your YouTube SEO With These Tips

Optimise Your YouTube SEO With These Tips

Optimise Your YouTube SEO With These Tips

YouTube is not just a platform to watch and share videos. It is also recognised as the second-largest search engine in the world! Brands and businesses around the world are creating innovative and engaging YouTube videos to reach, engage and convert users to customers. If you are one of those brands and business creating videos and uploading them to YouTube to get more users, then you need to optimise those videos to get the most of them.

Here’s how you can do it:

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Tip 1: Using the targeted keyword in the name of the video file

Before uploading your video to YouTube, make sure you are renaming the video file with one of your targeted keywords that is related to your video. While YouTube isn’t smart enough to “watch” your video to check whether the keyword is relevant to your video, the name of your file can inform crawlers of the context of your video’s content.

Tip 2: Optimising your video title and descriptions

You need to add a title and description to your video once it is uploaded to YouTube and before being published. This is where you need to add those additional keywords and keyword phrases. Fitting keywords into your title and description should feel natural and not forceful. The title should be clear and concise and should provide a fair idea of the video’s content.
Description allows for more characters where you can make use of long-tail keywords. However, YouTube allows you to display the first 100 characters before the rest of the content being concatenated into the “see more” section. So, if you are adding a call to action to your description, make sure you are adding it within the first 100 characters.

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Tip 3: Tags are essential

You can tag your videos with keywords that are relevant to your video. Make sure you aren’t missing any crucial keywords here as these keyword-filled tags will help bring more users to your video. You can also add those keywords here which you couldn’t accommodate in the name, title and description. These tags are used by YouTube to understand the context and the content of your video. These YouTube tags associate your video with other similar vidoes which allows your video to get more exposure

Tip 4: A custom thumbnail

The thumbnail is a decisive element for many users. This image is the first thing they see when scrolling through the videos, figuring out which one to watch. According to YouTube creator academy, 90% of the best performing videos have custom-made thumbnails. When you are creating YouTube thumbnail, make sure you are sticking to the dimensions of 1280 x 720 to ensure it’s of high quality on both desktop and mobile.

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Tip 5: Closed captions

Enabling and uploading subtitles for your video create more opportunities for YouTube to crawl more content and find more keywords. Uploading an SRT file with the transpcript of your video can be used to add captions to your video. There are tools and resources available online that can help you create subtitles for your video.

Tip 6: Cards and end screens

Make the most of YouTube cards and end screens which are specifically designed to appear on desktops and mobile to promote your brand and other videos on your channel. YouTube allows you to add up to five cards per video. These cards are capable of showing custom images, URLs, and texts which can guide users to places where you want them to be directed.

An end screen is similar to a card but only comes up only at the end of a video. With options to visit another video from your channel or to visit another channel, you have plenty of options that you can use with your end screens.

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Tip 7: Finishing touches

When you are focusing entirely on optimising your YouTube video, do not forget to optimise your YouTube channel as well. When you are creating your channel, do not forget these elements:

  • An attractive channel banner
  •  Enabling longer videos and monetisation within the “status and features” section of your Video Manager
  • Add keywords related to your channel through the Advanced Channel Settings
  • Adjust your default settings to include default categories, public privacy settings, allow comments, tags, and video location


Since you are spending time and effort in the creation of YouTube videos and your channel, you should be focusing on optimising them to bring the much-needed views and users. Putting videos on YouTube platform with all the spent time and energy needs to optimised to make sure that your efforts are worth the time and energy spent. The goal of these videos is to convert users to leads to customers! Optimise your videos and get them in front of your target audience right away.

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Abhijit Mandavkar is a Digital Marketing Manager. He plans and coordinates marketing activities of ValueHits, a full-service Digital Marketing Agency in Mumbai, India. With his experience and expert knowledge in the field, he identifies potential customers and develops marketing campaigns. Also, he is efficient enough to meet the client’s requirements and well-organized in handling multiple tasks.

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