Press Release For Nashua Personal Injury Defense Lawyer

Press Release For Nashua Personal Injury Defense Lawyer

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Press Release Title : Nashua personal injury defense lawyer continues making headway in defending constitutional rights of clients in NH

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Nashua Personal Injury Lawyer Daniel Hynes continues making headway in defending constitutional rights of clients in NH.

Body of the release:

The Law firm of attorney Daniel Hynes takes pleasure in announcing that the Nashua criminal defense attorney continues making headway in protecting constitutional rights of his clients that had false charges of criminal offense which include not limiting to DWI, DUI, other traffic misdemeanors, felony, etc.

“In Nashua, NH criminal offense is considered quite a serious offense, and the effects could be devastating for the offender and/or his family if the charges are proven in front of the jury. I would like to share about a DWI dismissal case I’d gotten in the recent days for my client who was accused of DWI offense. He was pulled over by County highway patrol force and was subjected to SFSTs. My client was told he flunked the SFSTs.

It’s only an experienced DUI/DWI attorney who can defend a client who even flunked Standard Field Sobriety Tests, lest the case would go against the accused. As a Nashua Personal Injury attorney I took up the DWI case and represented him in front of the jury to have the charges dismissed. I may have liked to share the details of the client, but I needed to protect his identity as well,” shares Nashua personal injury attorney Daniel Hynes.

If you should be facing DWI charges in Nashua County or there should be any criminal charges, your foremost priority should be hiring an experienced Nashua personal injury attorney who could defend your rights and provide a quality representation in front of the jury to have the charges dismissed.

Daniel Hynes is an experienced Nashua personal injury lawyer and an expert DWI defense lawyer practicing DUI/DWI defense in Nashua and serving all of New Hampshire. The legal office of Hynes continues to serve counties including Concord, Hudson, Portsmouth and Manchester, serving all of the New Hampshire. If you need services of a personal injury lawyer in Nashua, check his website and take a free and no-obligatory consultation with Daniel Hynes.

“I strongly believe that any individual who is charged with a criminal offense is innocent until the guilt is proven. Call me personally to seek any legal solution or provide a quality representation that every falsely charged offender deserves from a lawyer,” says and signs off the Nashua personal injury lawyer.

About Liberty Legal Services Law Firm:

Liberty Legal Services serves all of New Hampshire with offices in Nashua, Concord, Hudson, and Portsmouth and also serves Manchester of NH. If you need a bankruptcy lawyer, personal injury/car accident attorney, DWI/DUI or criminal attorney you are away from one call.

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