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Questions to Ask DUI / DWI Attorneys Concord NH

Questions to Ask DUI / DWI Attorneys Concord NH

Questions to Ask DUI / DWI Attorneys Concord NH

You can surely beat SFSTs if you never drink and drive. However if you did drink and are charged with a DUI in the state, you need to contact DWI attorneys in NH that represent many counties and serve all of the state. Take a consultation and shoot them with all the questions you wanted, to see if the DUI/DWI New Hampshire lawyers can help you with DUI defense. Most important questions you need to ask DUI attorneys Concord, New Hampshire before hiring to represent your NH DUI/DWI case.

Is the lawyer’s practice dedicated to Concord NH DUI and DWI defense? Answer should be YES.

Is the attorney that figure in the law services firm the same as the DUI attorney that represents your case in the court of law or will he refer to another attorney? Acceptable answer is YES.

Is the attorney familiar with jury and other prosecutors who might be involved in the Concord, NH DUI case? Does he/she have positive rapport with the aforesaid people? The acceptable answer is YES.

Has the attorney been disciplined anytime by State Bar council? The answer acceptable should be NO.

Does the attorney possess specialized training to successfully defend your DUI case, such as been through Standardized Field Sobriety Test Training under National Highway Traffic Safety Administration Guidelines (NHTSA) Course or SFST certification instructor course? The more ayes and you are hiring someone very experienced in DUI.

Can the attorney administer Portable Breath Test or know how to use the Portable Breath Test machine. Acceptable answer is yes.

Is he owner of Intoxilyzer 5000EN or any breathalyzer breath test machine that are currently in vogue in the state of New Hampshire? Answer should be yes.

Is the attorney a member of state DUI attorneys association?

What is the success rate of the attorney on his DUI trials? Should be more than 60%.

Does he operate law firm with qualified staff including licensed paralegal staff, legal assistants, and investigators, etc? Acceptable answer is yes.

Does he have any other special credentials as in author of book/s, speaker at seminars and conferences? Answer acceptable is yes.

Can you get permission to verify the results he had obtained in his recent New Hampshire DUI case verdicts? Answer should be yes.

If the New Hampshire DUI attorney (or even sales pages spokesman on behalf of the lawyer) answer majority of these questions in affirmative than you are consulting a law firm or an attorney who can legitimately defend you in your DUI case in the state.

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All said it is best to not drink and drive, but on a bad day when you did and are charged with DUI contact DWI attorneys Concord NH who represent defendants in Exeter, Portsmouth, Nashua and Concord and serving all of New Hampshire. Talk to the DUI/DWI New Hampshire lawyers that helped countless DWI defendants under the new NH DWI laws and never hesitate to check the website to learn how the attorneys can defend you through a DUI trial.

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