Relation Between SEO And Online Marketing

Relation Between SEO And Online Marketing

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Base is an essential part for any types of good structures, but basics of SEO is everything of SEO because no one is remaining after it. In basics of SEO you learn about one page and off page optimization for your site and then you learn some tricks related to link building to earn some quality traffic, keep in mind that for online stability you must need quality traffics and quality traffics are not only beneficial for your site only, also give you lots of money if you are doing online marketing or provide any professional services.

Do you know difference between quality traffics and normal traffics?

Normal traffics are generally comes due to contextual link building and quality traffics are come from related area like if you site is related to SEO then your traffics also come from SEO related sites. And quality traffics are due to quality backlinks or due to link exchange with related site.

And above all will happen constantly if you know Basics of SEO and optimize your site by good ways like below.

  1. Try to take url as short as possible with your primary keyword (It will not effect more but if your url also contain your keywords then one more plus point you have for search engines.
  2. Write your site contents by natural way, don’t try to copy contents from other related sites because nowadays google or other search engine will catch your soon and can ban your site.
  3. When you are writing your site contents then try to put your keywords also by natural way because keywords place in your site contents are main to push your quality or ranking upside. Avoid keywords stuffing, means try to put your keywords once or two times in a paragraph, if you repeat your keywords again and again then it will sure penalize your site.
  4. Start your keywords with H1, H2, H3 tags, We place our main keywords with H1 tags in starting of site contents, because crawler give importance to H1 tag, then you can place your secondary keywords with H2 tags, keep in mind that you can use these tags only one times in a web pages, and then locate your keywords with bold tag or italic tag in between of paragraph.
  5. Put you main keywords always with your site title and avoid stop words.
  6. In descriptions tag you should put relevant information of your site because when search engine will list your site then your descriptions show in below of your title and if your description are meaningful and related to your site then user will click on your site otherwise he will choose another sites, so try to keep all information (between 150 to 250 words) in description.
  7. Keywords tag are not important tag for any site now, because crawler will crawl your site contents and after ratio of your H1, H2 , bold, italic and some more important tags they decide for keywords itself and index them. But you should put it because we don’t know what is current algorithms for quality sites and page rank and some search engines give importance also to keywords tag and index them but you have to put only that keywords who is placed in your site contents.

Above all are common way to optimize your site, if you are managing affiliate market related site then you have to maintain your affiliate link and try to avoid your affiliate links on homepage because most of popular search engine will not follow affiliate links because they contain some special character or use redirect method. So you should try to get more and more traffic on homepage to increase your ranking and then give links from your homepage to your another WebPages which are packed by your affiliate links.


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