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Six Questions You Should Ask a Nashua Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring

Six Questions You Should Ask a Nashua Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring

Six Questions You Should Ask a Nashua Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring

It is very likely for an average individual to be involved in one or more personal injury law suits over his entire lifetime. Yet very few individuals have the knowledge to judge a lawyer’s competency and assess his credentials to help them bail out of their respective lawsuits. Instead of having or developing background knowledge people look through the directory or yellow pages to pick a personal injury lawyer.

Most of them hire the first lawyer they call seeing their listing in the directory. Doesn’t always work good, There should be a better way and one can be equipped with information to take an informed decision about hiring a Nashua personal injury attorney.

Following six questions could help you gaze how the attorney handles his cases and how he/she can be the best choice to handle yours:

1. How much percentage of his/her practice directed towards personal injury cases?

Personal injury lawsuits aren’t simple and easy for any lawyer to handle. The cases demand skill set most general law practitioners do not have and only few can handle them with decent success rate. An attorney’s service whose focus of practice on personal injury cases is over 50% can be sought after.

2. Has the attorney tried a personal injury case to jury verdict in recent times? If yes, whether it was in the favor of his/her client or not

The attorney must have taken case through verdict in the recent times. If the attorney is not willing to answer the question, can be implied he isn’t prepared or equipped enough to handle your case.

3. What does he/she charge in pursuing your litigation, and if there is any interest to be paid on it?

It is important to have a fair idea of how much will the entire litigation cost you and how much does the attorney needs paid. Also ask the range (in terms of value) of your case settlement and trial, because an experienced Nashua personal injury attorney from his experience can give you an estimate of the value of case.

4. What is the mean time to resolve cases, particularly cases like yours?

Remember faster doesn’t always indicate better, when it came to personal injury litigations holding for long often times benefit the party. However, it gives you an idea on how soon the attorney will start working on your case.

5. If he/she works on contingency fee percentage, if yes how much?

A Nashua personal injury lawyer will generally not operate on contingency fee basis, there could be few who work on the proposition which ranges around 30-50%.

6. Will he handle the case all by self or will it be referred?

Make sure you aren’t lured into an advertisement where an attorney refers your case to other attorneys and benefits by referral money.

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Source : Six Questions You Should Ask a Nashua Personal Injury Attorney Before Hiring

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