The Best Summer Activities in Jaipur

The Best Summer Activities in Jaipur


Jaipur knows as one of the most beautiful cities in India. It is a warm city and has visitors all through the year. It is famous for the pink buildings which is why it is also known as the "Pink City." This place is also popular for handicrafts works, traditional jewelry, fabrics, and carpets.

Basically, people like to engage in activities while visiting this place. Summer is the time when people in India go to different places and Jaipur is one of the favorite destinations among all of these. It is not only a thrilling tour for adults, but also the kids enjoy different summer camps and other leisure entertainment.

Summer Activities in Jaipur:

Activities don't only include making some creative things, it also means doing certain interesting and new things away from the mundane activities of everyday life. So if anyone wants to visit a new place the first thing that strikes their mind is what fun and enjoyment they will get.

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Jaipur is the best answer to this question and there is a long list of activities to do, watch, or perform whichever suits an individual. So here are what one can do on their next visit to Jaipur:

  • Pottery work
  • Urban adventure and sightseeing
  • Elephant ride
  • Learn traditional culture
  • Play games

Traditional culture to learn in Jaipur:

Jaipur is famous for the pottery that is a recognized traditional craft. There is a blue pottery of Jaipur, which is basically a Turko-Persian handcraft culture. So if one is visiting this beautiful place, then have in mind to stay at this place a little longer and learn about this unique pottery of Jaipur.

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When it comes to culture and tradition, Jaipur has a rich history and has fascinating monuments and places to visit. But everyone visits historical places, so the new thing to do will be staying at any local place and interact with the villagers and learn more about the urban culture.

Getting to know about Jaipur from its local residents is much more interesting and they can show some new places or unique views of the city that the tour guide or any Google search may not give. Besides, this place is full of attractive views that any traveler or tourist is sure to appreciate.

Some light atmosphere in Jaipur:

Although Jaipur is a place full of historical and cultural fascinations, one is sure to enjoy the summer vacation with some fun activities. There is an elephant sanctuary to visit in Jaipur which will be interesting for the small kids.

There are elephant rides to enjoy that is a fantastic way of experiencing some unique adventure and mingle with the elephants at this place. In the hot summer days, all one wants is some ice cool place to visit. There is Snow Planet in Jaipur where everyone can beat the heat with artificial snowfall experience.
Summer is the best time to visit Jaipur and get along with the colorful activities and fabrics that are plentiful here. Another fun thing to do after coming to Jaipur is touring the local markets and shopping the handmade clothes with beautiful and unique fabric works on it.

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Summer activities do not end here in Jaipur. There are summer camps that are organized in Jaipur for kids in preschool and students. This is an amazing way to learn and enjoy the stay at Jaipur. So the next time someone has to visit Jaipur remember all that is there to do in summer.

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