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The Most Unusual Attractions in Jaipur

The Most Unusual Attractions in Jaipur

The Most Unusual Attractions in Jaipur

Travelers across the world are looking for the smartest way to enjoy and experience their tour. Some people just get excited about the avenue that they are about to explore just to discover that it is crowded and overhyped.

If you are visiting Jaipur, then you are not certainly looking for an ordinary experience. If you want to have a really beautiful feeling, then you should be looking for unusual attraction here at this part of the world. 

Here are a few unusual attractions that you can certainly visit to explore the newness of the city is perhaps a more different way. All you need to do is to have the guts to take the different route. And by no-means that leads to unknown and uncharted territories.

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Let’s have look at a few unusual attractions that you can visit here in his part of the country for a wholly unique experience. 

Drive through the Jaipur to Agra tunnel:

If you are someone who loves driving, then you should gi in a drive through this tunnel. This tunnel connects Jaipur to Agra. While driving, you are going to get transported into the new dimension of time. 

The tunnel is dotted with Havelis and places that date back to ancient times. That means you enjoy a cool ride and have a glimpse into the time and space of this place. 

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This might look like journey into some unknown place yet quite familiar. The paradoxical journey is just about to begin. Just take a ride.

Pay visit to monkey temple:

This might sound unusual, but the fact is that it is unusual for the way monkeys behave here. At this temple, the monkeys are quite friendly and they roam everywhere around humans. You would never expect such a place anywhere else.

The temple here has two beautiful ponds too. If you are someone who loves to contemplate, then you would probably like to sit by the pond and muse for a while. 

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The temple is popularly known as the Gakta temple and you can find a good amount of data about this temple.

Chand Baori: The oldest stepwell of India:

Otherwise known as Panna Meena ka Kund, this architectural structure was designed in 16 the century. Anyone who visits this place is mesmerized by the shape and structure. It is fantastic expression of geometry. One would wonder how people in those days can make such beauties with perfection.

It does not really matter how they did it but the thing what matters is that you need to see it and get soaked by its beauty. 

Visit Jai mahal:

This 5-story building is a masterpiece; you can get to the first through boats. You can only see the 5th floor, rest if the floors are simply submerged in the water. This is a place if you want something really unusual to see.

How should you approach? 

  • When you are looking for unusual places, you need to be prepared for stunning and unusual things. 
  • You need to research and find more about places so that you can be prepared both mentally and psychologically.
  • You need to make sure that you are safe while visiting the unusual places.

It feels good to visit unusual places. Here are the top-rated unusual places that you can visit if you want to have a gat experience other are other places too but you need to discover them.

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