Things To Do If You Are in a Car Accident

Things To Do If You Are in a Car Accident

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The consequences of a car accident or even a motorcycle accident are indeed traumatic and sometimes change our lives all together, of course for the worst. Sadly most accidents are due to negligence, of course drunk driving and hit and run offenders top the list.

But if we suffer from life-changing injuries because of the accidents, does any kind of monetary compensation from the offender bring solace to you or your family or for that matter can such compensation reverse your life for better? Yes, monetary compensation cannot change your life to what it was before the accident; especially if the injury caused in the accidents paralyzes you physically but the compensation you rightfully deserve will at the least reduce the impact of the accident to a great extent. So, what to do at the time of a car accident?

  • It is understandable that a person is in a state of shock when an accident occurs and he/she is almost immobile during this time, but you need to stay calm and composed and see where all you are injured and also ensure not to move quickly, as that might cause you further injury.
  • Move the car away from the traffic, in case of a severe damage/injury you might not be able to move but try do whatever possible to keep your vehicle out of the traffic.
  • Stay away from the traffic if you are injured, as that might expose you to fast moving vehicles and further cause you dangerous damage.
  • To prevent further accidents turn on the hazard lights and ensure that the moving traffic has enough visibility of the accident scene.
  • Call the law enforcement immediately and also call the ambulance if there are grave any injuries.
  • In the mean time, try to get all the basic information from the accident scene that is if you are in a state to do so. For instance, the vehicle number of the other driver, his/her driving license details, address, phone number, etc.
  • Also, get information on the registration information of the other driver along with vehicle insurance details that might come in handy later. And then take a list of names of the people (including the passengers) involved in the accident along with their contact details.
  • If possible, try to record the entire accident scene in a camera but avoid recording pictures of the other driver, as that might upset the already tensed person.
  • Remember, being courteous will not cost you a thing and resolving the issue will only become easier if you behave politely.
  • Until the cops give you the permission to leave do not leave the scene and also do not sign on any documents unless the police or the insurance company gives them.
  • Be honest and under pressure or tension do not say the fault was yours, just talk facts and do not share the information with anyone else. Also avoid conversing with the other driver; just take his/her basic information.

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