Top Super Markets and Shopping Malls in Jaipur

Top Super Markets and Shopping Malls in Jaipur

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Jaipur is considered as one of the preferred getaway destinations in the country. There are many travellers who come to this city for spending their best vacation time. For local people and travellers, the City has a lot to offer.

  • The city has a good collection of shopping malls and supermarkets where you can spend your luxury time.
  • These malls and markets are also the best places for people who prefer shopping quality brands.
  • You can find all the best shopping picks in a wide range and price category in these malls and markets.

Pink City is not only famous for its food delicacies, but also the best destination for shoppers. If you are a time traveller, then spending time in these malls and markets can be your lifetime opportunity.

The Metropolitan

If you are in Jaipur, then you are aware of MGF. This is a famous metropolitan mall located in the heart of the city. The place is also a hub for international brands, food delicacies, and entertainment. There are many activities you can enjoy while shopping here at MGF.

The Metropolitan Shopping Mall

You can organize a small get-together with your family and enjoy food and shopping at your own convenience.

Pink Square

Jaipur is also identified by its famous landmarks, and Pink Square Mall is one such landmark. It is also the most preferred spot for shoppers and socializing individuals. If you enjoy the crowd or if you are looking around for a specific brand, the Pink Mall is the right place for you.

Pink Square Shopping Mall

Shopaholics can expect to spend three to four hours in this mal on weekends. This is also best place for handicraft items and fashion products. You can also enjoy your movie at the INOX.

City Mall

This is one of the most preferred spots for individuals who enjoy partying and shopping in groups. The place is always a center of attractions for the best crowd in Jaipur. The place has its own ambiance and entertainment factor.

City Mall Jaipur

You can find a complete range of all electronic items, clothes, food centers and lots more. The best part is that for bargain loving people, this place organizes the best discounts during festive seasons.

World Trade Park (Also known as WTP Mall)

At first glance, the place looks very much like an IT park but is a shopping hub for locals. This is also one of the most preferred spots for travellers and local shoppers. You find here a big collection of all types of national and international brands.

World Trade Park Shopping Mall

A wide range of electronic appliances, furniture, clothes, computer apparel, beauty products and bags from different brands are available for affordable prices. Some of the top-rated brands offer a genuine collection of best season picks.

Triton Mall

Triton Shopping Mall

For people who belong to the economy size, I certainly love to visit the Triton Mall. There you will find a good collection of luxurious and semi-luxurious products for the best bargain price. It also hosts its exclusive collection of hand emporiums and other handicraft products from some of the best manufacturers.

GT central (Also known as Gaurav Tower Central)

If you enjoy having coffee or hot chocolate with your friends and shop at the same then GT Central is the best place. For ids, this place offers a good collection of VR games and much more.

GT Central Shopping Mall

You need to keep in mind that Jaipur is City that has a lot to offer to its people. When at Jaipur, you get a chance to explore some of the best markets and malls.

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