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Top Tools for On Page SEO in 2021

Top Tools for On Page SEO in 2021

Top Tools for On Page SEO in 2021

On-Page SEO is the optimization of different parts of the website to rank higher in the search engines.

It includes both content and HTML code of a website that can be optimized to increase organic traffic.

Your website in search engine result pages depends upon different factors.

Those factors are site accessibility, content optimization, keywords, title tags, page speed, and more.

You can check the following key factors while optimizing your website:

  1. Title Tags: Always add targeted keywords in the title tag of each webpage.
    Your title tag is between 55 to 60 characters and avoids keyword stuffing
  2. Headings: These are the largest words on a webpage and search engines give headings more weight than your other word data.
    Use H1 in a limited manner and further use H2 and H3 further sub-headings
  3. Proper URL Structure: Try to put the targeted keyword in the URL.
    You’d not change your previous URLs unless you plan to redirect your previous ones to new ones
  4. Page Load Speed: Optimize all of your webpages to provide the user’s an excellent experience. 
    Google has its tool called PageSpeed Insights that will deeply analyze your site speed both on mobile and desktop.
    You’d consider the following key factors to increase the page load speed:

    Minimize the HTTP requests
    Server response time must be <200ms
    Try to add images undersize 100kb
    Must place all CSS in an external style sheet
    Minifying all CSS, JS, and HTML
  5. Mobile Friendly: You can check your mobile speed by putting your website URL in the test.
    Google will tell you how friendly your website is by checking its current algorithm.
  6. Page Content: The content of your web pages must be unique, creative, and plagiarized-free.
  7. Internal Linking: Creating internal links on your website is useful to both visitors and search engines.
    While building internal backlinks, make sure that you’ve placed the link in the relevant anchor text.
  8. Schema Markup: You must add schema markup on your website to help search engines bring informative results for your visitors.

Further in this article, we’re going to describe the best on-page SEO tools that

You can use to optimize your website easily.

Top 7 Tools for On Page SEO in 2021

Followings are one of the excellent tools that you can easily use to optimize your website to increase organic traffic and here we go:


Ahrefs is one of the best online tools used to explore new keywords.
The tool allows you to find new keywords for you to target and it also shows all the backlinks data of your competitor’s website.
Ahrefs allows you to find those keywords that other websites rank for.
Simply put the website URL or a specific keyword in the search to get all the possible results. You can also use this online tool for different SEO purposes.
You can monitor your SEO health and audit your website by using this excellent tool.

Some best features of the tool are:

Best Keyword Research
Estimated total search traffic
Backlinks Growth or Decline Time period
Analyze the SERP History
Website’s Outbound Link Monitoring
Finding Broken Links
Email Alert with on Ranking

Plagiarism Checker

The plagiarism checker is used to detect plagiarism from your content by comparing it with several online resources.

You can use it to make all of your content unique, effective, and plagiarism-free.

The interface of the plagiarism checker is quite simple and easy to use.

Simply paste the document directly into the checker or upload a file from your computer system.

You also exclude any URL simply by clicking on the Exclude URL and paste the URL in the input box.


You can select the Language option to check plagiarism in any other language.


The online plagiarism checker has the following excellent key features:

  • File Uploading: You can directly upload your file from your system to check the plagiarism.
    It provides support of different file type just like PDF, Doc, Docx, txt, and more
  • Chrome Extension: The plagiarism checker also offers a Google Chrome Extension.
    It helps many loggers and different webmasters to check plagiarism in their content.
  • Content Security: This online plagiarism checker detects the plagiarized content and never saves it for any purpose.
  • Report Generator: Also, this free plagiarism checker provides you with a facility to generate and download the report.

You can use Plagiarism Checker to make your content unique, creative, and 100% plagiarism-free.


It is one of the most efficient online SEO tools used to get keyword suggestions and all the competition data.

Ubersuggest has a lot of amazing features that will help you to deeply analyze your competitor.

Simply type the targeted word or your competitor’s websites URL in the search option just as:

The tool shows all the possible suggestions of any keyword that you’ve entered:



  • Keyword Suggestions
  • Domain Overview
  • Monthly Organic Traffic
  • Backlinks Score
  • Top SEO Pages
  • Content and Backlinks Data
  • SEO Analyzer and Checker

Moz Pro: SEO Tool

Moz Pro is an online SEO tool that helps people to run different successful SEO campaigns.

You can use Moz Pro to audit your entire website.

It helps to take care of the crawls and shows new keyword suggestions. 

It is one of the best all-in-one SEO software that includes excellent tools.

Simply paste the URL of your competitor’s site into the tool and you’ll quickly get a detailed report on that website’s profile link.

You’ll have the complete details Domain Authority, Linking Domains, Inbound Links, and other Ranking Keywords.

The Key Features of Moz Pro are:

  • Links Explorer
  • Keyword Explorer
  • Rank Tracker

Also, the tool calculates the authority of the complete website not just for an individual page.


It is one of the most popular SEO tools used to do proper keyword research and competitor’s analysis.

The tool tracks the complete keyword strategy of your competitor.

You can also use SEMRush to audit your blog or website.

Also, the amazing tool is widely used for looking at upcoming backlinks opportunities.

SEMrush is used to deeply analyze your competitor and it also helps to build a strong SEO strategy.

Just enter the URL in the search bar and get a complete overview of any website.


  • Organic Research
  • Traffic Analysis
  • Estimated Traffic Cost
  • Branded Traffic
  • Non-Branded Traffic

SEOCrawler Tool

It is one of the best on-page SEO tools to be used in 2021 to analyze the website just within a single click.

SEOCrawler shows you the actual page speed, duplicate content, duplicate tags, broken links, and more.

This amazing online tool provides you a checklist of your site’s improvements.

You can make that checklist for each page on your website.

After making those changes, you can easily track the output results in the Rank Tracker.

Siteliner SEO Tool

This excellent tool is used to find out the duplicate content on your website.

You can use the tool to scan your entire website, broken links, average page size, and page speed as well.

Put the URL of your website in the Go bar to find the duplicate content.

Siteliner can be used to compare your website with the other average websites.

The main key feature of these amazing tools is the Duplicate Content Table.


  • Find Internal Duplicate Content
  • Replacing Broken Links
  • Comparing Webpages and Load Speed
  • Internal and External Links Balance
  • Finding Technical SEO Errors

Last Words

Mentioned above are the finest top tools for On Page SEO in 2021.

You can use any one of them to make a strong SEO strategy to increase your organic traffic.

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