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Web Directories Helps To Improve Site Ranking And Page Rank

Web Directories Helps To Improve Site Ranking And Page Rank

Web Directories Helps To Improve Site Ranking And Page Rank

Web directories are home of links because it has huge collection of links related to all category approx, if you are looking for information about something in particular then you have a best option in form of web directories in other words we can say that, The Internet is a very big place and finding your way around can sometimes be difficult if you’re looking for something in particular. This is where web directories come in. Web directories are like the Directories or Yellow Pages you have in the real world (An example of a web directory: Seo Manual Submission Directory).

Web Directories typically organize websites under relevant category topics. If you had a website that sold T-shirts, you would have your website listed in a category like “Shopping –> Clothing –> T-shirts” or something parallel to this topic.

So you have the normal question to ask out here would be, “Do people still use web directories to find material online?” OR “Are not the search engines like Google, Bing and Yahoo made-up to help people find what they are looking for or searching for?”

It is true that not lots of people use web directories these days to find what they are looking for. However, it is not that they are not used at all; they are still used by some people. More importantly, getting your site listed in a web directory does serve a couple of other purposes than just people finding your site there.

Receiving a link to your site from a range of web directories can assist pick up the chances of your site ranking higher for particular search terms in Google, Yahoo and MSN. Finally, if you want your website to be victorious, it would have to be found by people and the best way for that would be your site coming up on top for the searches that matter. When people search using particular words, you would want your site showing up in the first few results for those words.

So now you know that how closely do web directories help in improving my search engine rankings?

The reply would be better understood if you well-read a little spot about how search engines rank websites. Websites are ranked based on many different factors: right from the content of the website to how many other sites are linking to the site. While each factor is important in its own right, there is none more important than how many other sites link to your website.

When you got one way links from other sites it will considered as better and important sites by search engine in other word if another website links to your site, the search engines like Google & Yahoo consider that link as a vote for your site and take that as a factor when ranking your website. It also looks at how the site is linking to yours, if that site links to you mentioning keywords like ‘click here’, it wouldn’t be considered as important as a link that mentioned ‘cotton t-shirts’ or whatever the appropriate term may be for your site.

This is where receiving links from web directories assist. Initially, every link from a directory is counted to certain coverage by the search engines when deciding the site’s ranking. And then after, in most cases, you get to choose how you want the directory to link to you. So, in effect, you not only get a link but a link with your target key terms. This becomes extremely beneficial because it is not easy otherwise getting a link and especially one that links to you the way you want it.

To one side from just the link factor, if your site is new or just been launched, a web directory link would help the search engine in finding your site and including it in its database. So given the benefit of web directory links, it only makes sense to get your site submitted to as many directories as possible. You could buy manual directory submission services for One way links to help get you started or you can submit yourself to SEO-friendly Directories.

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