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What is Muay Thai And How Can a Muay Thai Blog Help Enthusiasts?

What is Muay Thai And How Can a Muay Thai Blog Help Enthusiasts?

What is Muay Thai And How Can a Muay Thai Blog Help Enthusiasts?

Muay Thai aka Thai Kickboxing is a form of mixed martial arts that is a blend of many techniques employed in other mixed martial art forms. Muay Thai dates back to 2000 years ago, which was developed as self-defense art developed by the Thais, perhaps it was intertwined in the Thai culture itself. Muay Thai is regarded as the oldest martial art form on earth.

However, it was only in the recent times that Muay Thai has grown up by leaps and bounds as a great sport not just in Thailand and Asia but even across the continents, thanks to Ultimate Fighting Championship and other fighting promotions.

Muay Thai is also referred to as ‘Science of Eight Limbs’ for it basically employs use of eight weapons; feet, hands, knees and elbows (bilaterally). With no other MMA form that is as attacking as Muay Thai it is rightly regarded as one of the most effective fighting art forms on the earth.

What are the benefits of Muay Thai training?

Any form of martial arts build self confidence, and enhances self esteem and these are possibly the most thought about benefits the discipline in training for these art forms impart: Besides these Muay Thai can enable a person with self defense. To sum up here are benefits enlisted:

  • Gives a better physical shape that you otherwise wanted

  • Gives you loads of confidence for self defense

  • Shapely shoulders and some pounds of muscle

  • Oodles of self-esteem that can help you overcome day-to-day hurdles

The important elements in Muay Thai training include running, stretching as well as shadow boxing.

The reason why Muay Thai is regarded as distinctly different from other MMA forms is for the reason it utilizes movement of entire body instead of just the limbs; wherein hips can be moved or rotated during execution of a block or kick or punch. This is also the best striking MMA sport and demands particularly high standards of physical stamina and fitness. The training improves not only strength and stamina of a fighter but also his adaptability. If you should seek a career as a MMA teacher or a Physical Education trainer in a college then experience in the MMA forms especially expose to the Muay Thai helps a great deal.

All that being it is harmful to do Thai boxing at home without supervision of a Muay Thai expert. The strikes can be lethal and can land you in jail if not executed under the guidance of a boxing teacher.

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Whether it is self-defense or self-confidence, discipline or focus, shape or fitness Muay Thai offers all. What better way to keep self informed about the art than a Muay Thai blog dedicated for it? The Muay Thai blog at offers one for every enthusiast and is a site dedicated solely to the Muay Thai sport. Do enjoy your surf time at the website, and if you should have some suggestions that you believe can help us meet our goals of making this as a center for people interested in the Muay Thai sport then feel free to let us know, thanks once more.

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