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Why Should We Buy Sliding, Circular And Revolving Doors?

Why Should We Buy Sliding, Circular And Revolving Doors?

Why Should We Buy Sliding, Circular And Revolving Doors?

Earlier use of padlocks to lock doors has gradually been replaced by installations of automatic doors, and these have certainly enhanced the levels of security in private and industrial enterprises. With more and more options available, people and organizations have adopted either sliding, circular/revolving doors to secure their premises and control free access.

Most of the IT Centers, R & D Hubs, Nuclear Power Plants, Airports, Government buildings, Banks and Administrative Institutions have opted for access control by way of installing these automatic doors.

Certainly automatic doors have many numerous advantages different from the regular padlock and lock doors. They possess many benefits as compared to hinged-door structures, and are noiseless door locking solutions to areas including hospitals. They otherwise prevent entrance of wind, snow, rain or dust inside and the doors just can’t be open by heavy winds too. Additionally there is less possibility of a collision, yet people could pass in and out at a same time. Now we will see advantages of these more specifically.

Security/safety advantages include:-

  • Only authorized personnel may enter
  • Operation is smooth and silent
  • Save energy-open/close only when required
  • Microprocessor controlled as per requirement
  • Flexible design

Automatic sliding doors

These are relatively easy to install since they can be put on guide rails to open along any wall of the room or hall. Their distinct advantages are:-

  • A single door serves the purpose
  • Difficult to force open
  • Minimum space required to operate
  • Can be operated by a single device
  • Provide maximum opening width
  • Provide open line of sight
  • Easy to service and maintain

Circular/revolving doors

A revolving, rotating or circular door normally has four panels on a central shaft and may be motorized or have bars to push. Advantage is that it automatically controls access. Other reasons for choosing it are:-

  • The airlock created between points of entrance and exit helps control AC costs as it keeps the doors sealed.
  • Advantageous in a narrow confine
  • Rotate automatically for approaching traffic
  • High cost effectiveness
  • Low on maintenance, simple and reliable
  • Provide an elegant look to the entrance/exit
  • Can be easily integrated for security, fire control and authorized access.

Given the increased security concerns and awareness concerning terrorism, eavesdropping and thefts, business establishments today are opting to make their premises more secure. The automatic revolving doors do this job very well. Even though there is a sophisticated verification process in place, once the door gets a signal to open, there will be no control on the number of people coming in or leaving. However, automatic doors with built in sensors prevent collision with people entering/leaving.

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