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Why Submit Website Details To Web Directories?

Why Submit Website Details To Web Directories?

Why Submit Website Details To Web Directories?

Web directories means home of links, web directories basically give out as a catalog of links sorted by related topics. In the former days, when search engines were not much popular, directories served as the main method of finding relevant sites. But these days, search engines like Google and Yahoo have taken over and hand out as the main intermediate that connects users with what they are looking for or searching for.

Then why should you still consider submitting your site to the directories, especially when not many people use them any more?

There are a few points related to this question:

To indexed your website

Most of SE (Search engines) uses his own spiders (crawler) to collect information about new sites and any site update, to know more about Search Engine, Crawler and Indexing read our seo tutorial. Search engines like Google and Yahoo send out crawlers (spiders) to search the web for new sites that come up everyday. If you have a new site and you want search engines to know of its existence, then there couldn’t be an easier and better way to let a search engine know than having it find your site through links in various directories.

To get One way links and step up in Search Engine Rankings

Once you site approved (add to relevant category by web directory editor) in web directory then it will more beneficial for your site and for you too, because most directories give one way links, which is valuable from the SEO side of your site. Search engines give value to the number of inbound links to your site when ranking it for a given position during search and one way links are thought to be valued more than reciprocal links (links exchanged with other sites). Therefore, directory links can help give a increase to your SEO efforts.

To identify specific keywords or phrases

Some directories not allow you to provide a link with keywords but most of directories approx 80-90 % allow you to provide a link with keywords describing your site. It’s not easy getting links to your site with the keywords you want and directories give out as the easiest medium for receiving such links. Receiving links with targeted keywords or phrases can have search engines favoring your site over others when ranking for the given terms.

Give up some traffic to your site

Some directories give up a little part of traffic, there are not many directories that could boast of providing your site with traffic that would number in the hundreds per day but there are a few directories that are known to give some traffic (even if very little) to sites in certain categories.

Most of directories are free to submit

Most of directories are free to submit, in other word we can say as given the benefits and most directories being free to submit to, it makes business common sense to having your site listed in as many SEO friendly directories as possible. After all, you don’t lose anything for doing so.

Submitting to directories can be a time-consuming process though and finding the right directories to submit can take quite a bit of effort. To save yourself the trouble, you may use Manual directory submission services like ours to get your site submitted to all the top quality SEO friendly directories out there. We have a sizeable team of Manual directory submitters who are well-trained in submitting to web directories.

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