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Your Security Concerns Are Solved Now With Wireless Security Systems!

Your Security Concerns Are Solved Now With Wireless Security Systems!

Your Security Concerns Are Solved Now With Wireless Security Systems!

Security is the prime concern of every organization and for personal users. The risk of cyber-attacks and threats to data confidentiality is too severe these days. Various security measures are developed to overcome or prevent such cyber threats and data theft, including antivirus programs and firewalls.

Now, security concerns are not just through the network; there are mischievous human activities to steal important data from the system and any valuable things from home, offices, commercial complexes and government and public infrastructures.

Even after various security provisions made by organizations and government authorities, we cannot say such activities are 100% forbidden. So, to overcome this and make security more propounded, wireless security systems are developed.

Wireless Security Systems

Wireless Security is the prevention of any cyber intrusion or unauthorized access to a system or a network, computers and data using wireless networks and devices that operate on a Wi-Fi network.

Till now, the most common type of wireless security was Wi-Fi security which includes wired equivalent privacy, or WEP and Wi-Fi protected access or WPA, which is a conventional standard of IEEE. But with time, new technologies evolve, and thus the wireless security system was developed to make the security indestructible.

As we have discussed, wireless security protects systems from unauthorized access, which poses a risk to the data stored on the system and allows hackers to steal information from it and use it for their own benefit or the benefit of others.

Wireless security systems are able to thwart any malicious attempts that may be made. Its primary components are the alarms, sensors, detectors, and cameras that make up a wireless security system. In order to ensure the security of the wireless network systems, these are linked to the main panel via radio signals. This system has a number of potential applications, one of which is in the provision of security services for networks; another is in the provision of security services for homes.

There are four types of wireless security systems –

  • Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP)

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA)

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2)

  • Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3)

Wired Equivalent Privacy (WEP) –

The most widely used and oldest form of Wi-Fi security is known as WEP, which stands for "Wired Equivalent Privacy." It was the privacy component that was introduced in the IEEE 802.11 standard, which was a series of technical specifications that had the goal of providing a wireless local area network (WLAN) with a level of security that was comparable to that of a wired local area network (LAN).

Wi-Fi Protected Access (WPA) –

WPA, which stands for "Wi-Fi Protected Access," is a wireless security system that was introduced in 2003. Its purpose was to solve the developing vulnerabilities of WEP, the technology that it succeeded. The WPA Wi-Fi protocol is more secure than the WEP system because it encrypts data with a key that is 256 bits long, which is a significant improvement over the WEP system's usage of keys that are either 64 bits or 128 bits long.

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2 (WPA2) –

Wi-Fi Protected Access 2, also known as WPA2, is the wireless security protocol that represents the second iteration of the Wi-Fi Protected Access family. WPA2 was developed with the intention of securing and protecting Wi-Fi networks, just like its predecessor. WPA2 ensures that any data sent or received over your wireless network is encrypted, and that the data can only be accessed by those who know the password to your network.

The more vulnerable TKIP (Temporal Key Integrity Protocol) system that was used in the initial WPA protocol was eventually replaced with the more secure Advanced Encryption System (AES) by the WPA2 system, which was one of the advantages of the WPA2 system. Strong encryption is provided by the Advanced Encryption Standard (AES), which is utilized by the United States government to safeguard classified data.

Wi-Fi Protected Access 3 (WPA3) –

The most recent wireless security protocol, known as WPA3 (Wi-Fi Protected Access 3), was developed to encrypt data via a sort of encryption known as Perfect Forward Secrecy. This encryption method is both frequent and automatic. However, although being more secure than its predecessor, WPA2, it has not yet gained widespread acceptance. WPA3 is not automatically supported by all gear, and using this protocol typically necessitates expensive hardware changes.

Growth of the Wireless Security System Market

Consistent consumer demand is driving massive profits in the wireless security business, which bodes well for the said market's future expansion. An increase in both the number of wireless devices in use and the prevalence of wireless networks in businesses is fuelling the wireless security system market's expansion.

Despite a temporary halt brought on by an increase in cyber risks, the market for wireless security systems has discovered a proxy solution that is helping to drive the expansion of the business.

Both challenges and possibilities exist in the wireless security system sector due to the current COVID-19 epidemic. Products associated with wireless security systems, including cameras, alarms, sensors, and various detectors, have seen a meteoric rise in popularity. As a result, businesses would be able to expand in the years to come and find new ways to make up for revenue lost during the pandemic.

Wi-Fi adoption has raised the wireless security system market business to a new level as more people are using mobile devices that are connected to high-speed internet. The Kr00k vulnerability was tested on a variety of technologies, including the Kindle, iPad, iPhone, Amazon Echo, Samsung Galaxy, Google Nexus, and other gadgets, and the results were promising.

Therefore, there is a good likelihood that demand for wireless security systems will increase as a result of these advancements. And with all these things, it is pretty evident that the market for wireless security systems will rise at a great pace and earn substantial revenue in the near future.

Now, as we have reached the end of this article, you must have got some really valuable and important insights about wireless security systems and the market associated with them globally.

So, next time you are concerned about security, you might first check the type of security you will have in the wireless security systems installed at your place, as you are now well-versed with it.

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