Bronze 5 Guest Posting Package

Bronze 5 Guest Posting Package

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Bronze Guest Posting Package by SEO Manual Submission

1. 5 Guest Posts Package:

  • We provide a comprehensive package that includes 5 guest posts on different high-quality websites to maximize the exposure and diversity of your backlink profile.

2. 100+ Organic Traffics:

  • Our selected websites guarantee a minimum of 100 organic traffic, ensuring that your guest posts are placed on platforms with an established and engaged audience.

3. Multitopics Websites:

  • We curate guest posts on websites covering a variety of topics, allowing you to reach a broader audience and diversify your link portfolio.

4. Domain DA / Rating 30+:

  • All selected websites have a Domain Authority (DA) or Domain Rating (DR) of 30 or higher, indicating their authority and credibility in the eyes of search engines.

5. 750+ Words Contents:

  • Each guest post includes high-quality, well-researched content with a minimum of 750 words, ensuring that the articles are informative, engaging, and valuable to the readers.

6. Contents on Keywords:

  • Our native English writers create content centered around your specified keywords, optimizing the guest posts for search engine visibility and relevance to your target audience.

7. Native English Writers:

  • The content is exclusively crafted by native English writers, ensuring linguistic fluency, proper grammar, and a professional tone.

8. 2 Anchor Texts / URLs:

  • You can provide two anchor texts or URLs per guest post, allowing you to strategically link back to your website or specific pages for maximum SEO benefits.

9. Do-Follow Backlinks:

  • All backlinks provided in the guest posts are do-follow, contributing to your website's search engine optimization efforts.

10. Contextual Link (In-Content):

  • The backlinks are seamlessly integrated into the content, providing contextual relevance and ensuring that they naturally fit into the narrative of the guest post.

11. 100% Manual Outreach:

  • We engage in manual outreach to secure guest posting opportunities, ensuring the authenticity and quality of the placements.

12. White Label Reporting:

  • Our reporting is white-labeled, allowing you to rebrand and present the results to your clients or stakeholders seamlessly.

13. Final Report on Completion:

  • Upon completion of the guest posting campaign, a comprehensive final report is provided, detailing the websites, published posts, traffic metrics, and other relevant information.
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