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In the ever-evolving realm of SEO, link building remains a fundamental practice for improving a website's search engine ranking. While various strategies exist, article directories have proven to be an effective and reliable method to acquire high-quality backlinks. These directories offer a platform where content-based links attract search engine attention, ultimately bolstering your online presence. SEO Manual Submission is here to guide you through this process by providing a carefully curated list of high Domain Authority (DA) article directories. Let's explore how article directories contribute to link building, how we select high DA directories, and the best practices for submission.

How Article Directories Helps in Link Building?

Article directories serve as platforms where website owners can submit well-crafted articles with embedded links back to their own sites. Content-based links are highly valuable in the eyes of search engines because they demonstrate a website's authority, relevance, and trustworthiness. When authoritative article directories host your content and link to your site, they effectively vouch for your credibility, thereby enhancing your website's ranking potential.

The synergy between informative content and quality backlinks is at the heart of successful link building. Article directories provide a unique opportunity to achieve this synergy by offering a vast array of niches, allowing website owners to target specific audiences and secure relevant, content-based backlinks that search engines find compelling.

How SEO Manual Submission Choose High DA Article Directories for List?

Selecting the right article directories is crucial for a successful link building strategy. SEO Manual Submission meticulously curates a list of free article directories with high Domain Authority (DA), high Domain Rating (DR), low spam score, domain age, to ensuring that your backlinks are derived from reputable sources. High DA article directories carry more weight in search engine algorithms, providing a more significant boost to your website's authority.

We evaluate free article directories based on their credibility, the diversity of topics they cover, their overall website quality, and their track record of delivering reliable results. Our selection process prioritizes directories with a strong online presence and a history of attracting engaged readers, enhancing the effectiveness of your link building efforts.

How to Submit to Article Directories for Optimal Results?

You should have some basic HTML knowledge because many article directories give you plain text box to add article contents, and you have to put HTML code there to make paragraph, create heading, bold keywords and create hyper link. To maximize the benefits of article directory submissions, it's essential to adhere to best practices:

  • Quality Content: Craft informative and engaging articles that offer real value to readers. Content that educates, informs, or entertains is more likely to attract attention and encourage readers to follow your backlink.

  • Relevance: Choose article directories that align with your niche or industry. Relevance is crucial in ensuring that the backlinks you obtain are from sources that matter to your target audience.

  • Keyword Optimization: Incorporate relevant keywords naturally within your content and anchor text for the backlink. This helps search engines understand the context and relevance of your content.

  • Consistency: Regularly contribute to article directories. Consistency builds your brand authority and ensures a steady flow of high-quality backlinks over time.

  • Engagement: Interact with readers by responding to comments and questions on your articles. Engagement fosters a sense of community and encourages readers to explore your website further.

SEO Manual Submission's Article Writing and Submission Services

For those who may not have the time, resources, or expertise to create and submit articles to directories, SEO Manual Submission offers a comprehensive solution. We provide professional article writing services at an affordable rate of 3 cents per word. Our experienced writers can create compelling, well-optimized content tailored to your niche.

Additionally, we offer article submission services at just 50 cents per article. Our team has extensive experience in manual article submissions, ensuring that your content reaches the most relevant directories and secures high-quality backlinks.

In conclusion, article directories are a potent tool for link building, and their effectiveness cannot be underestimated. SEO Manual Submission simplifies the process by offering a meticulously chosen list of high DA article directories, as well as professional article writing and submission services. If you're seeking high-quality backlinks to boost your website's ranking and traffic, look no further. Partner with us to navigate the world of article directories and enhance your online presence effectively.

If you have any questions related to article directories list or our article writing and submission services then please feel free to contact us.

Premium Article Directories List
# Name DA Open Report
1 SMS Article Directory
Free / Paid, Must login to submit article
General Article Directories List
Total Sites in List : 110
# Name DA Open Report
1 medium 95
2 buzzfeed 93
3 livejournal 93
4 wn 92
5 wattpad 92
6 evernote 92
7 hubpages 91
8 boredpanda 91
9 playbuzz 90
10 Ezinearticles 88
11 85
12 kiwibox 84
13 dzone 84
14 smore 83
15 penzu 76
16 onmogul 76
17 apsense 75
18 webwire 67
19 selfgrowth 63
20 storeboard 62
21 infobarrel 62
22 inspire 61
23 articlesfactory 56
24 articles.abilogic 55
25 Articlealley 54
26 pr3-articles 54
27 pr4-articles 54
28 powerhomebiz 53
29 webcontent 53
30 imfaceplate 53
31 sooperarticles 52
32 Qarticles 50
33 selfseo 47
34 fonolive 46
35 Pubarticles 45
36 Articlecity 43
37 Articlebiz 43
38 Articledude 42
39 Abcarticle 40
40 howtoadvice 39
41 123articleonline 39
42 top7business 38
43 articlepole 38
44 articles.howto-tips 38
45 articles.studio9xb 37
46 articlesforwebsite 36
47 itsgonewrong 36
48 36
49 A1articles 34
50 articles.gappoo 34
51 Uberarticles 33
52 articlization 33
53 articleweb55 33
54 cgidir 33
55 article1 33
56 article-realm 32
57 kraftloft 32
58 actuafreearticles 32
59 skyrock 31
60 30
61 oyepin 30
62 1888articles 29
63 articles-planet 29
64 articleseen 29
65 sitepromotiondirectory 28
66 messaggiamo 28
67 articleuploads 28
68 mastercraftindia 28
69 articleswrap 27
70 openarticlesubmission 26
71 SMS Article Directory
Free / Paid, Must login to submit article
72 webmasterslibrary 22
73 22
74 articlesdunia 22
75 articlecede 20

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