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What is XML feed?

What is XML feed?

Definition of XML feeds :- A process in which information about web pages fed into index without using a crawler. For example using RSS (Rich Site Summary).

An XML feed (also known as an RSS feed or a syndication feed) is a standardized format for delivering content such as articles, blog posts, or news items over the internet. The content is provided in a structured format, typically using XML (eXtensible Markup Language), which allows it to be easily consumed and displayed by other websites, feed readers, or other software applications.

An XML feed typically contains a list of items, each of which may contain information such as the title, description, publication date, author, and a link to the full content on the original website. The XML feed can be automatically updated as new content is added to the website, allowing other websites or applications to display the most recent content from the source website.

XML feeds are commonly used for syndicating content from blogs, news websites, and other sources. They are also used for distributing podcasts, videos, and other types of media. By using an XML feed, website owners can make their content easily accessible to a wider audience, and other websites can include the content in their own pages without having to manually copy and paste it.

Overall, XML feeds are an important tool for distributing and sharing content over the internet and are widely used in the world of web publishing and content distribution.

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