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5 Free Apps You Need To Promote Your Quilting Business Online

5 Free Apps You Need To Promote Your Quilting Business Online

5 Free Apps You Need To Promote Your Quilting Business Online

If you’ve taken your quilting to the next level and you’re turning your skills into a business, you need to do some marketing. However, digital media may not be your thing. There are some apps that can help you stay organised, meet your goals, and free up some of your time, so that you can create more and stress less. In fact, a study by the Small Business And Entrepreneurship Council found that 78% of small business owners reported that using mobile apps save them 4-5 hours per week. That’s extra time you can spend being creative, and making beautiful quilts.

1. Trello

Even if you work completely alone, Trello can help you keep on track. It lets you create a board with different task cards. You can assign the tasks to others on your team, if you work with other people, or assign them all to yourself. You can set cards up with tasks that need to be done every week, or one-off tasks. You can use it to track your marketing tasks such as writing your blog posts, or scheduling social media updates, but you could also use it to track your quilting, or any orders or commissions you have in progress. It’s available on Android, iOS, and web.

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2. Yelp

Yelp was designed to be an accurate review of a business. In fact, a survey found that 45% of consumers are likely to visit Yelp before frequenting or purchasing from a business. It’s second only to Google when consumers are considering a purchase. Because of this, some small business owners think that a Yelp page is almost more important than a website.

In truth, you need both. You also need to be sure that your Yelp page, and your website have the same consistent information. Make sure that all the contact details on both are accurate, and make sure that your logo and branding are consistent on both as well.

3. LogoCreator

LogoCreator is a free resource for designing your logo, and any other imagery you want to use on your site, social media pages, and even your offline paper resources. It’s really easy to use, incredibly intuitive, and you can do it all yourself. You don’t need to spend money finding artists to design graphics for you.

When you design images, logos, and graphics, make sure that you keep consistent to the branding you have.

4. Buffer

Buffer is a scheduling tool for social media. It frees up a huge amount of time as you can set all your social media updates to post automatically. It also has analytic tools that allow you to check on how your posts are received, the engagement levels and when your audience are most active on their social media platforms.

Buffer does offer paid subscriptions, but the free version may be all you’ll need. The basic plan supports three social media accounts. This plan lets your schedule 10 posts at any one time per account, so 30 posts in total at any time.

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5. Mention

Mention checks social media for mentions of your brand or business. It also lets you respond to those comments, and gather statistics and data to help grow your business.

It has paid plans at different price levels, but it also has a free plan. The free plan will check three different social media platform and check for mentions of whatever alert you set. You could set it to check for mentions of your business name, or perhaps you could set it to search for a specific keyword. It will also give you basic reports and analytics of your alert.

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