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ABC of Finding a Lawyer for a Class Action Lawsuit

ABC of Finding a Lawyer for a Class Action Lawsuit

ABC of Finding a Lawyer for a Class Action Lawsuit

Topamax®, whose generic name is topiramate, was approved by the FDA back in1998 as a treatment for seizures resulting from epilepsy. It was approved by the FDA in 2004 as a prevention of migraine headaches. However, it has since been discovered that Topamax poses a serious health risk to children when taken by women in child bearing age. If you or your loved one has experienced side effects resulting from the ingestion of the drug or if a child has been born with birth defects, you should sue the manufacturer Ortho-McNeill and the owner of the company, Johnson & Johnson.

You could file an individual lawsuit, or you could file a class action lawsuit A class action lawsuit has more advantages since you can access a more qualified lawyer, you get to share litigation fees, and you do not need to pay if the case is not won since the class action lawsuit lawyer will only get paid a commission if the case is won. So, how do you go about hiring a class action lawsuit lawyer to handle your Topamax case? You should get the best possible lawyer because if you fail to get compensation the first time round, it becomes extremely difficult to get compensation from Johnson & Johnson from another class action lawsuit.  

When searching for a lawyer for your class action lawsuit, go for one who belongs to a law firm. A lawyer who has a law firm will have access to boardrooms, paralegals, support of associates and partners, and other resources that individual lawyers are not likely to have. You could get recommendations on a good lawyer for your class action lawsuit against Topamax from recommendations from people you trust, from independent reviews, or by viewing customer testimonials. Before hiring a lawyer for your class action lawsuit against Topamax, make sure that the lawyer has handled such a case before. Note that different lawyers have different specializations, and this means even the best criminal lawyer in the world will not represent you adequately in your class action lawsuit against Topamax. You could check on the reliability and the credibility of a lawyer by checking for registration with the local bar association and by scrutinizing the track records of different lawyers.  

The best place to get a lawyer for your class action lawsuit against Topamax is over the Internet. Over the Internet, you get to compare different class action lawsuit lawyers and their rates. Searching for lawyers online is also advantageous in that it offers unparalleled convenience since you can do it wherever you are, whenever you want, as well as unparalleled anonymity. There are several websites that list class action lawsuit lawyers, and these include and  

To find a lawyer for a class action lawsuit against Topamax, consider the qualities of the lawyer. The lawyer should be honest and not easily compromised because this might be injurious to the case. The lawyer should have good 'people' skills such as good negotiation and good communication skills. The lawyer should be financially stable, and he/she should not have a heavy case load so that he/she can spend sufficient time and effort on your case.

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