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An Overview of Banner Ad Design

An Overview of Banner Ad Design

An Overview of Banner Ad Design

There are several reasons why you should have a banner ad on your website. The greatest advantage of banner ads is the fact they are an effective online advertising tool. These banner ads will lead people directly into your website's landing page, and this means greater returns if you are running a commercial website and passing your message to many people if you are running an information-giving website.

For success in banner ad design, your banner ad must be stylish. The banner ad must also be original and creative to attract people. You should keep up with the times and use the latest design trends in banner ad design if you want success. The current trend in banner ad design is a shift towards curves and organic shapes such as circles and arcs. These are appealing to the target audiences in contrast to hard-edged shapes such as squares, mostly because they are more 'comforting' and 'approachable'. The current trend is indicating a shift towards the use of orange and blue color combination. These colors are popular because they are associated with computer and technology firms. However, another current trend is a shift from the extensive copy-and-image format to a heavier usage of stock photography showing 'customers' or such things as happy children playing, satisfied mothers, and productive looking offices. Today's banner ads are using a direct copy as enticement. Another of the current trends in banner ad design is interactivity. Such ads range from the popular punch-the-monkey ad to complex formats featuring simulated form fields. There is a shift from serif fonts such as Times New Roma to sans-serif fonts. Today's banner ads are following the 'thirds' formula where 2/3 of the ads contain pictures and the main ad points while the rest is devoted to clickable buttons that are a minimal copies.  

If you want success with banner ads, consider enlisting the services of a professional. Professionals know the latest trends in banner ad design, meaning you will reap maximum benefits from your banner ads. These professionals have the necessary skills and experience to ensure that you get the best possible banners. Hiring a pro is important in that you get unparalleled convenience. This means you can continue concentrating on your business/organization and it will not interfere with your relationships. You should hire a pro for banner ad design because these pros have the necessary tools for the jobs, tools that would be costly and difficult for you to acquire.

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