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Cheap Window VPS vs Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

Cheap Window VPS vs Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

Cheap Window VPS vs Cheap Linux VPS Hosting

In general like me many people do not pay attention to the difference between Window VPS and Linux VPS hosting. But indeed it pays to know how the two would differ and which one will meet your requirements.

If you are stuck with the kind of VPS that doesn’t meet your needs then it’s a huge loss of time and money. However, if you study the differences you can get additional convenient services from the VPS you choose. Most hosting provider services offer Window VPS hosting and Linux VPS hosting.

Window VPS

This is an expensive hosting but with plenty of smart features. This is fast and secure, supports ASP and hosting. This service provides the best support for the Microsoft SQL and access. Also Window VPS requires an operating system license. The graphical user interfaces is one of the best and it renders the best facilities including granting the user access to the Windows VPS from anywhere they like to. Caution is that it isn’t very reliable, still for the offers it has to entertain its users that are simply remarkable the service is loved by many.

Linux VPS Hosting

Linux VPS hosting is the most preferred one because it is less expensive and comes under the tag of cheap VPS hosting. Also because it is more reliable unlike the Window VPS hosting which comes with the risk of system crash downs and slow downs. Its performance is steadier than the window VPS and any business can safely rely on its working. Since it is an open source program it comes for low price. The Linux VPS offers heavy graphical user interface in case you are looking for one.

Since Linux being open source and free, most of the Linux server applications also come for free. Additionally being open source means Linux VPS will be tough on the malware and viruses.

What’s more some of the applications are available for free of cost. However, advanced features can be run only with Linux plus which also offers SSH access.

So, which one to go for?

What you need to do is to thoroughly analyze features of both the hosting services and pick the one that ideally suits your requirements. In case your requirements call for a window VPS hosting then you have to shell more money. It also means that you might be aspiring for a website with large scale traffic. Fast, reliable, and cheap VPS is the Linux VPS thing.

There are several windows VPS hosting and reseller VPS hosting websites that people check out but it will be hard to decide which ones will actually serve their needs and which ones will get them some money in return and which one will make their websites slower and inaccessible.

If you are OK with the risk of the out times for websites then windows VPS is the best bet because it has got all the latest upgraded features.

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