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Facts About Teen Drivers And Road Safety – How Lawyer Help When Arrested?

Facts About Teen Drivers And Road Safety – How Lawyer Help When Arrested?

Facts About Teen Drivers And Road Safety – How Lawyer Help When Arrested?

How can a New Hampshire personal injury lawyer help when arrested?
Recent series of motor vehicle accidents in the state of New Hampshire go on to show that great majority of the accidents involved teens – it reiterates the fact that teenage drivers are extremely dangerous not only to themselves but also to others on the roads. At least one in three killed in motor vehicle accidents is a teen driver. So what is to be blamed when a teenage driver is involved in a motor accident – speed or, lack of alertness or alcohol or lack of inexperience?

A highway patrol officer was quoted saying “It’s confusing as to how the problem should be addressed.” Teen age tempts the folks to experiment and that’s what teenage drivers do – experiment sitting behind the wheel, head over heels, texting while driving, driving under influence, driving while intoxicated, not complying with seatbelt or speed limit rules that result in accidents on every road everyday.

In fact a look at the stats about teen driving accidents startle anyone. They stand four times more chance than older adults to crash. Whether it is a male or female; national average says that the drivers falling in the age group of 16 to 19 have the highest annual accident rate and the highest traffic violation rate as well.

What is more startling is that the car accidents form the number one cause of teen deaths in US, resulting in about 4000 deaths every year. Teen drivers are threat to others lives too. According to an independent survey they are twice lethal to others as they’re for them.

Many are of the opinion that it is parents who should know the maturity level of their teen children with respect to driving and road etiquette and when they can be responsible drivers. Experts even say that the driving age should be raised to 18 as it can save many lives. There are psychologists who say that a teen’s brain isn’t still mature and is vulnerable to distractions – that is why they succumb to peer pressures.

The bottom line is that parents play a key role in the safety of a teen driver. Every parent needs to take time and educate their child about being responsible drivers and what it means to be so to them. Despite being a responsible driver it is still likely for an average person to be involved in a personal injury or motor vehicle accident lawsuit during his lifetime. Yet very few individuals go and seek the help of a car accident attorney or a personal injury lawyer.

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