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Guidelines for Creating a Press Release

Guidelines for Creating a Press Release

Guidelines for Creating a Press Release

A press release is a piece of well written communication typically prepared by a company's internal public relations or media relations department or by a public relations agency and issued to members of the media that they can write an interesting news story about you and what you have done.

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The content that you include in your release, as well as the way the press release is written, will play an important role in the success of your news release.

The headline should capture the reader's attention and is therefore very important. This may be the one factor that gets the reader to read the rest of the release.

Layout, formatting, and attention to detail are all important components of your release.

Writing a press release is similar to writing other types of articles.  Some rules should be followed to ensure that credibility and objectiveness are achieved.  A press release is an important element of any business.  Press releases can be very informative, and are read by many people around the world. Thus, it is important to know how to write an effective press release.

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Deciding which topic to write about is the first step to writing a press release.  This is oftentimes the most challenging part of this job. 

Tips for Writing a Press Release

  1. Know your topic. Creating a press release is like making a business research proposal.  It always starts off with a researchable topic.  You must able to determine what story will prove to be interesting to your readers and will have positive effects on your customer base.
  2. Evaluate if your story is something new.  Remember, a press release is not an advertisement or a promotion.  Make sure that the content of your press release is noteworthy.
  3. Your press release must cover always answer the questions of who, what, where, when and why.
  4. Develop a thesis and express your views on it in a way that will stimulate your reader’s interest.  Make sure your views are relevant to the main idea.

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