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How to Recover Ranking from Google Penguin & Panda Update?

How to Recover Ranking from Google Penguin & Panda Update?

How to Recover Ranking from Google Penguin & Panda Update?

Google makes over 500 changes to their ranking algorithm every year. Many of these are very minor and almost invisible, but occasionally Google makes major algorithm updates or supplemental algorithms that have a major impact on rankings and can cause a well-ranking site to vanish from the top search engine results. Many business websites and blogs have been hit hard (disappeared from search results) by Google’s Panda & Penguin algorithm updates because the SEO companies they hire using spam SEO techniques or SEO over-optimization.

One of the most important things to remember is that recovering from the Penguin update is a little bit different than recovering from a Panda update. The Google Panda update has caused a lot of frustration from site owners and SEOs over the last year. The updates are designed to improve search engine results and punish shady tactics, but every change also catches some innocent sites along with the spam.

Penguin & Panda are not a built part of Google ranking algorithm. But both are separate algorithms. Google Penguin update first launched the Penguin update on April 24, 2012 & Panda update on Feb 24, 2011. Google Penguin target artificial link building by search engine optimization (SEO) and Google panda target low-quality sites and improve the quality of search results.

Penguin & Panda Recovery, You can get update from social networks that google uses ranking signals. Social networks may be Twitter, Facebook, and other search local directories. If you have lost your ranking after update of Google penguin and panda then don’t worry it will get back. It will depend on your website, depth, back links and structure & industry. First thing remove all unrelated and irrelevant link from your site and build more relevant link. And provide good quality content. Try to give the natural link to your website by providing the great content to your website, instead by providing back links. This make clear that your links are natural.

It is not difficult to restore the ranking after the Google penguin and panda updates. If you are a search engine optimization (SEO) service co. Your probability to knew all these SEO basics very well and you may have better knowledge about get back best ranking in a few time. Always remember that relevance and high quality content are the two main mantras that will be your safeguard against all Google algorithms update. So, play fair and stay safe.

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