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Link Building And Manual Directory Submission Relation

Link Building And Manual Directory Submission Relation

Link Building And Manual Directory Submission Relation

Link Building and manual directory submission relations is like a forever relation because both are depend on each other, for a quality Backlinks you need to submit your link to Seo-friendly directories.

About Seo-friendly directories, some peoples says that directories links are worth less nowadays and some peoples says that its valuable because its cheap and best way to make quality backlinks, i also agree with second option because directories links are really valuable for your site but its completely depend on your submission type that how you submit your site?

For quality backlinks you should optimize your submission first because due to this way you can get lots of quality backlinks otherwise directories links are worthless for you. Most of directories use your title to gave you a backlinks and if your title contain your keywords or keywords phrases then it would be count as quality backlinks by search engine, and if you just submit your web links without submission optimization, then its valueless because your backlinks does not contain any keywords related to your site.

With submission optimization you can force the search engines to count your link as quality backlinks, and once you got quality backlinks from lots of directories then after you can approved or can request for link exchange with some high page rank site, because when you make request for link exchange with high page rank site then they check your site with page rank or alexa rank to know that how many visitors there for you site and due to directories backlinks you will got some unique traffics daily and traffics rate will increase your alexa ranking day wise day.

Like me i am using only directory submission and article submission for my site link building and within one to two months i have more than 100 quality backlinks and some more are waiting due to processing time of directories, and jump approx 25 lacs alexa ranking with only and only directory submission, and believe that i submitted my sites to only approx 300+ directories till now and working continue for my site.

So now i think you also understand that directory submission or directories links are also become quality backlinks but you have to keep some points in mind. Optimize you submission according to you main keywords or keywords phrases.

Try to put your main keywords in title as short as possible, title should be less than or equal to 50 for quality optimization or can be maximum 70 to 75 characters. Descriptions are also short and full by keywords and keywords phrases and should be approx 250 characters. If directories are looking for keywords then put your keywords otherwise crawler will automatically crawl your site and index your keywords and site contents, in other words we can say that keywords are not playing any big roles nowadays.

Do above and get lots of quality backlinks for free or for very cheap rate less than your breakfast cost.

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