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Online Reputation Management: A Guide for Social Media Marketers

Online Reputation Management: A Guide for Social Media Marketers

Online Reputation Management: A Guide for Social Media Marketers

A Complete Guide on Online Reputation Management

In this era of digitization, the importance of online reputation management is undeniable. However, the swirling vortex of misconceptions surrounding digital reputation management leads to conflicting ideas. For instance, some people view it as monitoring social media while others believe it to be public relations. 

The over-dependency of the web to look out for products and services is unstoppable. That makes online reputation one of the most vital aspects of enhancing revenue and brand expansion. 

Online talks about your brand must depict a positive light. Don't believe it? 57% of users check out the social presence of a brand to know more about their products. Moreover, as social media is unfiltered, it is also the best place to get honest feedback without manipulation. 

How can online reputation impact your business?

The information that appears when users type your brand name into the  search engine is much more important than what is present on your official website. If you have increasing bad reviews and critical media coverage, there are high chances that you are losing out on potential customers. Moreover, you can also lose loyal customers if you are not careful. 

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Now, some conventional businesses may think that providing high-quality services or products is enough. However, in today's world, managing your online reputation is the only way to expand your business. You cannot thrive if people don't have a positive notion about your brand. 

Did you know that 85% of users rely on online reviews as much as they do on personal recommendations? That speaks a lot.

Digital marketing channels in ORM (Online Reputation Management)

As per the PESO Model, four main digital marketing channels are extensively used in ORM. These are – paid media, earned media, shared media, and owned media.

  • Paid media: These include all the digital ways you can  promote your brand via payments. For example – using Google AdWords for PPC advertising. 
  • Earned media: In this, you have to put out high-quality content to gain organic traffic with constant sharing and reposting. 
  • Shared media: This includes the active management of the business profiles on different social media platforms. It is vital to post regularly and maintain interaction with consumers. 
  • Owned media: These are properties over which you have absolute control – mainly your blogs and business website. 

Tips to fix the online reputation of your company

It is crucial to understand that maintaining a positive online reputation is vital for your business's growth. That is not to say that there won't be bad reviews or harsh criticism. Luckily, there are multiple ways that you can tackle the ill attention. Check out some of them compiled here. 

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Garner respect from customers

One of the most crucial aspects of maintaining an online reputation is to build up a foundation of trust with the customers. However, this is easier said than done! For this, you will have to engage with the consumers regularly and pay heed to their issues. 

Track the mentions on the web

It is vital to keep a note of the general consensus of the public online about your brand. For this, you can use various tools such as Google Alerts. With the aid of this, you can track any content that mentions your business. Moreover, it also assists in monitoring the current industry trends. 

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Integrate transparency

Transparency is a double-edged sword that most businesses fight to balance. It is vital that customers feel that you are not hiding anything. If there is a general sense of suspicion, then that is definitely bad news for your brand. Nobody wants to opt for a product or service that exhibits vagueness in details. 

React with politeness

No matter the nature of the comment or review, it is pertinent that you maintain dignity. For this, opt for a friendly yet polite tone. However, instead of the standard robotic answer, you can infuse a little bit of personalization. It would help if you took the criticism seriously. 

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Understand the genuine issues

Not all comments are mean or have ill intentions; some offer genuine constructive criticism. If you can separate between the two and understand the actual issue, it will actually help your company. You can start asking for feedback in order to make the necessary improvements. Moreover, customers will appreciate it if you consider their feedback in your action plan.

Take action against illegal behavior

With respect to the freedom of speech, there are some boundaries, crossing which prompt the need for legal action. For instance, if someone is spreading false information about your brand, then you have the right to take official legal action. Moreover, the use of defamatory language is also not permissible. If you don't take serious steps, these people get the encouragement to do this again. 

Produce high-quality content

If there is nothing you can do to remove the negative publicity, you must counteract it with positive ones. For this, you must post high-quality SEO-optimized blogs and articles. If they are compliant with SEO factors, they can push down the negative content in the Google search page rankings. Content with improved readability, correct keywords, and strong headline can gain high positions in Google searches. 

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Request Google for content removal

One of the legitimate ways to shut down the negative content is to submit requests to Google. In order to do this, you will need to flag it under a particular condition, such as fake and spam content, illegal activity, offensive information, etc. However, there is no guarantee that Google will actually remove it. 

Final thoughts

In the world of online reviews and technology at fingertips, maintaining a positive brand reputation is crucial. While you cannot interfere with the freedom of speech, you can take steps to fix the tainted reputation. For this, taking the aid of professional Online Reputation Management agencies is the best solution.

 They are aware of the in-depth intricacies of the virtual world and can guide your company perfectly. However, if you want to deal with it yourself, that's a great idea too!

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