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Press Release For Legal Marketing Guru, Attorney Hynes

Press Release For Legal Marketing Guru, Attorney Hynes

Press Release For Legal Marketing Guru, Attorney Hynes

Press Release Title : Legal Marketing Guru, Attorney Hynes, providing Internet legal marketing for lawyers, announces May special price offer


Legal Marketing Guru, Attorney Hynes, providing Internet legal marketing for lawyers, announces May special price offer.

Body of the release:

Legal marketing guru, Attorney Hynes, providing Internet legal marketing for lawyers, comes up with an announcement: Special price package for May for all those attorneys seeking Internet legal marketing services.

Announcing the same the legal marketing expert said, “For the entire month of May 2012, we are running a special promotion of creating free website which includes design worth of $300 a month for all the lawyers who want to buy our Diamond or Platinum SEO/link building package. As long as the lawyers want to continue using our aforesaid link building packages the website design created by us can be used for free.”

Elaborating more on the offer and also the Internet legal marketing for lawyers the marketing guru for lawyers said, “Lawyers who continue to depend exclusively on traditional marketing techniques are realizing the fact that such techniques are outdated and aren’t going to perform the same way they used to until a few years back. Even those lawyers who have been embracing technology for presentation of their cases and evidences thereof for effective representation, if they ignore to invest in the latest internet legal marketing technology are not even getting a case, let alone giving quality representation. What I mean to say, we need to adapt to Internet legal marketing strategies that are currently in vogue, which could dramatically improve their online presence. More online presence means more clients and more cases. It means you can stand up for justice of many.”

Legal marketing guru has been providing Internet marketing services to independent practicing attorneys and law firms to help promote their legal practice as well as position themselves high in their specific geographic locations and respective practice areas.”

Like any other industry even the legal industry throws up several challenges in online marketing and there are highly competitive practice areas such as personal injury and criminal defense which takes more than traditional marketing to help you have better visibility among a hoard of similarly competent attorneys. Only an attorney who has mastered Internet marketing techniques can help you achieve that and that’s what I have been providing to my fellow lawyers.”

He continues, “Our May special price offer includes free website creation services which is valued at $300 per month to all those lawyers seeking our Internet legal marketing service diamond or platinum packages. While our SEO internet legal marketing service guarantees results that will last for long, our offer of free website design creation offer expires on May 31, 2012.”

To know more about legal marketing guru and Internet marketing for lawyers and for special price offers on SEO link building for lawyers please feel free to check our website: As an alternative, you can even call our toll free number 855-487-8101.

About Legal Marketing Guru:

Legal Marketing Guru has been able to deliver great search results for increased traffic and high ROI on Internet legal marketing investment of many lawyers. We help lawyers in devising specific Internet legal marketing strategies, design a unique logo and website for branding, legal blog development, content marketing including writing and publishing of articles and press releases on high page rank directories, etc. Call legal marketing guru to discuss Internet marketing for lawyers at (855) 487-8101.

Source : Press Release For Legal Marketing Guru, Attorney Hynes

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