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What To Consider When Shopping For Cheap Window VPS Hosting

What To Consider When Shopping For Cheap Window VPS Hosting

What To Consider When Shopping For Cheap Window VPS Hosting

The number of VPS hosting services out there today perhaps outnumbers those seeking these services as such. Hence it is important to know what to consider when purchasing a cheap window VPS. As much as people's requirements may differ the basics of what to look for remain same for all.


As with other web hosting location of your service is absolutely paramount. It is important to buy a VPS in a location from where your major chunk of traffic comes from.

Reliability & Performance

The hardware that a VPS is built on is very important to deliver a reliable performance and service. Most Virtual Servers use a single dedicated server built with one or two CPUs having multiple RAM and drives in a RAID Array. This facilitates decent performance and reliability with of course a lower cost of entry. However, it comes with setbacks as well including restricted scalability and capped Disk I/O (influenced by number of drives in the server and also dedicated server being a single point of failure.

There are Virtual Servers or Cloud Servers that are built on SAN and Blade environments which offer greater levels of redundancy and scalability for end users. The advantages of these include higher availability, better Disk I/O and greater flexibility allowing the VPS customer to upgrade or downgrade their VPS whenever need arises. This costs more than the conventional VPS however the advantages outweigh the cost.


While there are multiple Virtualization offerings out there today you need to remember that there isn’t a one size fits all solution. We suggest that you do some research and figure out what suits you the best.

OS Virtualization: OpenVZ and Virtuozzo belong to this type.

Hardware Emulation: VMware is an example for the hardware emulation. This form of virtualization replicates server hardware in its software and allows for installation of multiple OS’ on one server.

Para-Virtualization: In this virtualization type, there is a software layer that organizes the communicado between the hardware level and the OS’. XenServer, Xen and KVM are some examples of this type of virtualization.


When looking to buy a cheap window VPS remember to look for a solution that’s flexible. By this, you need to ensure the VPS you pick can accommodate your changing requirements while facilitating an easy maneuver of the control panel aiding in functions including upgrade, downgrade, start, stop, reboot to name some.

Value Not Just Price

While price is an important criterion to consider when choosing a server for your requirements it isn’t the only factor. Do your diligence and shop around; however, don’t fall for the cheapest VPS solution. Research well, and find a window VPS and a host that is value for your money.

Well, above are some of the criteria that I believe people shopping for window VPS or Linux VPS hosting, need to look for. Each of us has different wants and needs, look and hunt for the one that suits your requirements.

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